A firm mattress has nothing to do with feel, it has everything to do with quality. The softer you want your firm mattress to feel the more it costs. So, if you want a firm and inexpensive mattress you could always purchase a 4X8 sheet of plywood to sleep on. If you want to have a firm supportive mattress that feels “like a cloud” and “like it felt in the store” for many years in your home, that costs money.

Back-sleepers can have a hard or soft bed. Stomach-sleepers need a hard mattress. So firmness has to do with quality and feel or softness has to do with preference. A queen size, hard bed on the surface with only 390 coils is not as firm or supportive as a softer “feeling” bed with 858 coils in it. So remember, the firmness of the bed comes from the quality of the coils and the softness, hardness or feel comes from the upholstery package on top of the springs, the quality of which determines how long “the feel you pick in the store” lasts in your home.


The Cherish is considered a softer, or what we might call a Plush, mattress. It has a lower coil count (504 coils in a Queen) and is made up of VertiCoils with 5″ of padding on top, 2″ of which are convoluted foam.  It’s a great mattress for a young child, or for a guest room.

Sovereign Firm

The Sovereign Firm has a Firm Double-offset Coil System (805 coils in a Queen) with a firm foam encasement for edge support. It has increased firmness in the center third of the mattress by concentrating more coils in the middle of the support system.  Finally, it is finished off with 4.5″ of padding that gives it an overall harder feel, but includes 1/2″ of Space Foam™ for pressure relief.

Elite Rest Euro Top

Elite Rest Euro Top is a firm Mattress with a soft exterior. It has a very firm foam support system, with 3.5″ of 5lb density Space Foam™, and a soft 2″ quilt featuring 1.5″ of QuiltFlex.  These are all very resilient materials that will continue to feel as comfortable as they do in the showroom for the life of the mattress.

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