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Take A Spring Air Rest Drive

by Best Sleep Centre

By: David Keam

President of the Best Sleep Centre

Spring Air is a mattress manufacturer originally founded in Chicago in 1926 when Francis Karr patented a mattress design with free-end coils. The free-end offset coil design, which adjusts to each sleeper's weight, is today the most copied design in the bedding industry.

For almost 100 years, Spring Air has and is widely recognized for its innovative, high quality, extremely comfortable and supportive mattresses. Spring Air prefers to manufacture their mattresses locally across North America, as is the case with Spring Air Manitoba, made right here locally in Winnipeg.

As of 2006, Spring Air is the fourth largest North American brand of mattresses in the world. Spring Air has earned a reputation over the years for continuous product improvement. In the late 1940's, the company introduced button-free technology, quilted surfaces, and extra-supportive bedding materials. In 1953, Spring Air began producing its Health Center mattress, which featured zones for different areas of the body. The company began manufacturing the Back-Supporter mattress in the early 1960's, and sales doubled within seven years.

Among other enhancements to Spring Air mattresses were the pillow-top mattress (1973), natural fiber bedding materials such as silk and wool (the Four Seasons concept in 1988) and Conforma foam which conforms to your neck, shoulders, and lower back (1991). Innovation continues into the 90's with the introduction of latex/innerspring combination products. In 1995, Spring Air introduced a product line that uses three zones in the foundation for durability, zoning in the innerspring for support, and seven zones in the Conforma foam for total sleep fitness. In 1999, Spring Air introduced the ultra-premium Back Supporter Comfort Caress Collection... Better Comfort, Better Quality, Better Value.

In 2000 Spring Air introduced "The latest sensation in sleep innovation". The foam encased perimeter design that provides more support, more comfort, and more edge-to-edge sleeping surface. In February 2001 Spring Air introduced the Never Turn mattress feature with only one sleeping side. The Comfort Flex Collection conforms and supports to the shape of your body providing less mattress disturbance from partner movement and a better night’s sleep. In 2002, Spring Air introduced the Four Seasons Collection. This Collection was designed with more natural components (cotton, silk, down and wool) to appeal to the needs of those who seek a more natural way of life.

For the environmentally conscious consumer, Four Season Collection is the perfect choice. Another innovation for Spring Air in 2003, was the exclusive Total Balance Coil System. Rows of coils that have alternating facing ends to prevent any “lean” or “sway” of the coil unit. Today, Spring Air distributes bedding internationally, with plants in the US, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Australia, Middle East, and Argentina.

Today Spring Air is the fourth-largest bedding manufacturer in the world and still leads the industry in product features and value. The result, more people preferred Spring Air over the top three major competitors.

Consumer review website GoodBed is an online consumer resource where the people provide reviews on mattresses without influence from the industry. Consumers consistently rate the Spring Air Back Supporter mattresses as the best.

Buy quality and as a bonus it just happens to be made locally. Stop by Best Sleep Centre at 953 St. James Street to take a Spring Air ‘rest drive’.

Check out our award winning selection of Spring Air (locally made) mattresses.

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