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We Deliver Anywhere eighteen wheels will go. Call one of our Bedroom Furniture Specialists at (204) 837-7330 or (800) 383-7755
We Deliver Anywhere eighteen wheels will go. Call one of our Bedroom Furniture Specialists at (204) 837-7330 or (800) 383-7755
What are Bamboo Comfort Sheets?

What are Bamboo Comfort Sheets?

Hello I’m David Keam, President of BestSleep and

The Sheet business is a very competitive business and there are a lot of very poor-quality products at the consumers easy disposal these days. Pure microfibre sheet sets can be excellent to sleep on for younger customers; but only if the GSM is 120.

Microfibre is not a natural fabric and therefor does not come with a thread count. The proper way to sell this product is by the weight of the sheeting material.90 grams per square meter is so thin you can see your hand through it.100 grams is a little better but is still pretty thin.120 GSM are quality sheets and if you’re not susceptible to sleeping hot; I’ve sold a lot of 120 GSM microfiber sheets over the years and had many happy customers. Some older customers came back saying they were hot, and we switched them out for cotton before Bamboo Comfort was born.

What are Bamboo Comfort Sheets and why are they such good value?

In my day Job I sell a lot of very high-end mattresses.Natural Latex, high end Gel mattresses and high-end hybrids. When someone is spending 2 or 6 thousand dollars on a mattress or a mattress and an adjustable bed; you do not want the sheets to be the reason they do a comfort guarantee.

When we were kids, 60% poly and 40% cotton sheets were what most of us slept on.Mom was not interested in ironing our sheets or maybe could not afford 100% cotton sheets. So, 60/40 poly cotton was born and is still a big seller today. Bamboo Comfort Sheets are simply an improvement on what we grew up on. 37 percent Bamboo and 63% Poly Microfibre. These sheets are first off cool to sleep on.That’s what Bamboo does for any product where its present in enough quantity to make a difference.

These sheets are secondly very, very soft.And they are also wrinkle resistant. These sheets are thirdly durable.I’ve been to China on more than one occasion and Bamboo is used for everything from flooring to Scaffolding. And last but not least they are guaranteed.Buy them.Have them delivered. WASH them use then for a week or so.Wash them again and use for one more cycle.

If you don’t like them after that trial period.Send them back for a full refund. Send them back clean and in the same general condition as you bought them, so we can donate them somewhere, and if you say sorry don’t like them, you will get a full refund.

Multiple thousands of this sheet brand have been sold over the last couple of years and in my store and here on ZZZ not one so far has come back. If you’re looking for the luxury of all Bamboo sheets but $250.00/ $500.00 is not your price range you will not be disappointed here.

Shop, Wash, try, Wash and try again and if need be, be the first to return a set.You’ll be the first and i'll have to take this down and change that "not one was returned." But I don’t have to do that yet.


BUY ONLINE (Shipping Included within Canada).


Try our sheets with confidence.

David Keam,
Best Sleep Centre Inc.
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