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Call one of our Bedroom Furniture Specialists at (204) 837-7330 or (800) 383-7755
Call one of our Bedroom Furniture Specialists at (204) 837-7330 or (800) 383-7755
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  • Rize Multiflex Split Queen Set

    The Rize Multiflex Split Queen Wireless Electric Adjustable Lifestyle Bed offers a wide range of features to give you better sleep. Just like its name, the modular design flexes to contour to your body for personalized positioning. Its' Wall-Glide design keeps you close to your nightstand. Wireless speakers allow you to play your favorite soothing sounds or be surrounded by your latest binge-watching soundtrack. Kick back with the exclusive lounge setting, which takes pressure off the lower back, and treat yourself to an amazing in-bed experience. The Multi-Flex adjustable bed is designed to fit inside existing headboard & footboard & rail systems so you can keep your bed. Works with most mattresses, and includes safety features to prevent anything from getting pinched under the bed.

    Gravity Release: Rize motors also have a built in safety feature to reduce stress on objects caught under the bed, so there's no worry about pinching or pressing.

    Battery Backup: Even during a complete power outage, the replaceable fuse of the battery backup system allows you to return your bed to a flat, sleeping position.

    The Rize Multiflex Split Queen Wireless Electric Adjustable Lifestyle Bed is available in Split Queen only.

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    Call a sleep expert at 1-800-383-7755 or 204-837-7330 with any questions or come to 953 St. James Street and try this Electric Lifestyle Adjustable Base and other models too; or order online!

    • Wall-Glide design that keeps you close to your nightstand
    • Exclusive LOUNGE Position
      You can relax in true comfort with our exclusive LOUNGE feature. LOUNGE lets you lower the leg section which takes stress and tension off your lower back. This is the perfect position for reading, writing, watching TV or using your laptop.
    • Bluetooth Wireless Speakers
      Easily connect your smart phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth device wirelessly to the MULTIFLEX. Listen to your music, videos, or games right from the integrated speaker system.
    • Under bed “Room Glow” LED Nightlight
      Never stub your toe getting out of bed in the middle of the night again. Our One-Touch Nightlight Feature will always light the way.
    • Greater Lift Capacity
      The manufacturer will warranty the DC motors for Twin 575 lbs, Full 600 lbs, & Queen 650 lbs. This warranty exceeds the industry norm used in adjustable bases. However, the RIZE base has been tested by an independently certified testing laboratory showing good performance with weight loads above 700 lbs. per unit.
    • Programmed Position and Massage Settings
      Simply Press and Hold any of the One-Touch feature buttons to adjust the MULTI-FLEX to your favorite resting position. Your remote is also programmed with 3 WAVE Massage settings. Choose from a soothing vibration or an invigorating massage—all at your fingertips.
    • Component Protection and Battery Backup
      The MULTI-FLEX has a replaceable FUSE to protect all your components from damage during a storm, electrical surge or a complete electrical blackout. The Battery Backup system allows you to return your bed to a flat sleep position even during a complete power outage.
    • Greater Head Lift range so you can sit up in bed
    • Wireless Hand Remote
    • Locking Caster Legs
    • 20 year Premium Limited Warranty with In-Home Service
    • Gravity-Release Safety Motors