Bedroom Furniture - Elm

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I would like to give you all some accurate information about the Elm regarding construction and wood.

I do not want to hear anyone saying things like “this is solid hardwood” as it is not.


It is a GREAT quality product; we can define it correctly and describe it for the great product it is.

Wood Species:  Pinus Radiata or Radiata Pine (which is also referred to as New Zealand Pine)

Classification:    Softwood

Hardness:           710 lbf (3,200 N)  This is quite a strong wood.

This wood species is classified as a softwood tree, not a hardwood tree. 

Now there are other things we can say without misinforming the customer.  For example, we can make comparisons to other popular hardwood species which are true.  Also, we can have a better understanding of what the words even mean.  Which, honestly, up until an hour ago, I didn’t know.

It’s pretty simple to assume that hardwood would just be any wood that is harder than some sort of metric or standard, anything softer must be a softwood.  Completely 100% not true.  It’s actually a classification based on characteristics of the tree, specifically about the seeds.

"Who Knew”

If you care, here is some reading on this… and you should…..

So… are some hardwoods softer than some softwoods.  Yup.  They are.  For example, Red Pine, a softwood is super hard at 1,630 lbf (7,300 N) whereas Red Oak, a hardwood, is 1,290 lbf (5,700 N).

Go home English; you’re drunk!  Who decided to use these words.  I think an excellent mattress analogy is a kind of like euro top.  A euro top doesn’t make a mattress softer, but everyone thinks it does.  You could make a mattress a euro top and make it rock hard.

This is a fascinating article about wood hardness if you want to check it out.

Also, the New Zealand Pine, which the Elm Bedroom Suite is constructed from, is harder than some types of hardwoods such as Silver Maple, Poplar and Balsa.

In fact, as ridiculous as this is, Balsa is the SOFTEST WOOD species, but it’s a hardwood.

“Being a deciduous angiosperm, balsa is classified as a hardwood despite the wood itself is very soft. It is the softest commercial hardwood.”

OK, enough, so how can we describe the Elm?

It’s a very strong wood, harder than Poplar and harder than Silver Maple.  It’s made from New Zealand Pine, which is responsibly harvested (not clear cut) in New Zealand and grows in abundance so it’s very renewable.  It’s an excellent wood for furniture offering stability and consistency.  It is 30% harder than Poplar, which is a popular and well-known hardwood species.  It is 70% harder than most other pine furniture.  [Western White Pine is 420lbf].

Is it “solid wood”?  Yes & No.  We can’t plainly describe it as “100% solid wood” as we would the Witmer or Amish.  We can say, “this is a solid wood frame with wood on wood veneer which is great quality, durable and strong.”  There is no particle board or cheap paper finishes. It’s all real wood with a quality wood veneer finish.

The drawers are English dovetail, full extension ball bearing glide, it’s a beautiful design, and it’s in stock or short wait time of 4 weeks!

We have sold hundreds of this suite over the years, and we are so glad its back.

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  • 100% Solid Wood
  • No particleboard, No MDF, No molded plastic
  • Drawers on double ball-bearing glides
  • Super Deep drawers
  • Bottom of drawers Solid Wood
  • Full-extension drawers
  • Large capacity drawers
  • All drawers on telescoping glides
  • Solid wood backs, recessed and fitted