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Cancun Plush Euro-Top

$1,042.99 – $1,922.99

The Cancun Plush Euro-Top and Cancun Firm Euro-Top are top of the line mattresses without paying the S brand premiums. High Density 2.0 HD synthetic Latex foam is the same quality of foam that your grandmother has in her couch cushions if the cushions are the same shape as they were when you first went to her home. High density foams and huge coil counts make these mattresses as good as any 3500.00 S brand mattresses available in any other retail setting. QuiltFlexTM and other specifications you can find listed here. Outlast fabrics keep this mattress cool like the inside of an astronauts' clothing and all the high-end sports equipment. Do your research. Whether you want a hard bed or a soft bed, either version...

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