Natural No-Foam Mattresses by Spink & Edgar

Looking for organic mattresses? Natural, No Foam Mattresses By Spink & Edgar Are Available At Best Sleep Centre. Spink & Edgar USA grows luxury beds. A true farm to bedroom luxury mattress where 130 years of British tradition meets 21st century American innovation. Save thousands on comparable models. Get your best natural, no foam mattress for your best price at Best Sleep Centre! All of our mattresses come with our Comfort Guarantee!
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Angora 9000

As the best selling bed in our collection, the Angora captures some of the best characteristics of the Spink and Edgar promise of quality. With over 9,000 coils and the incredible comfort and temperature regulating Angora wool, you will experience luxurious sleep first hand.


Alpaca 7000

As unique as any product in our line, the Alpaca combines 7,000 individually wrapped coils with comfort layers benefiting from the remarkable properties of Alpaca fleece that can wick away moisture for a healthy sleeping environment.


Yorkshire 5000

The Yorkshire 5000 is filled with wool specially grown in Yorkshire for the perfect blend of natural fibers that can only be grown in this type of climate. 5,000 individually wrapped coils padded with plentiful wool and cotton comfort layers make this bed something truly special.


Egyptian 3000

The Egyptian earns its rightful place in the Spink & Edgar tradition by adhering to our core values. 3,000 individually wrapped coils blanketed with supple cotton comfort layers.


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