Natural, No Foam Mattresses now at Best Sleep Centre

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Natural, No Foam Mattresses now at Best Sleep Centre.

Over the years more and more customers have been asking about natural mattresses that contain no foam at all.

I previously carried organic mattresses. They were so expensive it was hard to justify, and they were not nice looking or feeling either in my opinion.

I have also had the British inspired Hypnos mattress representatives in my store over the years and although their products are excellent, I simply could not tell a story that included a mattress set that cost $60,000. Yes, sixty-thousand dollars.

Many an organic or natural mattress is on the market with Latex foam in it, but I have not been able to come across one that had no foam at all; until now.

Spink and Edgar is the only farm-to-bedroom mattress brand in the world that cultivates wool, hemp, flax (linen), and other natural bedding materials on our very own 130-year-old family farm in the English countryside and uses absolutely no foam in the construction of our mattresses.

These mattresses are made with natural materials as the comfort and sleeping layers and again contain no foam of any kind.

Have a look at our website and you will see prices that are not out of this world!

You can be asked to pay more for many a mattress from many a retailer that contains far less sleeping material then this natural product contains. Or that simply has a story of the Queen sleeping on it that makes it cost 10 times or more what this product does for not anywhere near 10 times the ingredients.

This Natural, no foam product has an award from the Queen:

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, as referred to in England, are the most prestigious form of endorsement and recognition that any company in the U.K. can earn. According to the official website of the British Monarchy, “The entry process is rigorous and highly competitive, with a success rate of around 20% each year. The winners are announced annually on April 21st, the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.”

Three categories of awards are open to nominations each year, including:

  • Innovation
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • International Trade

Few companies make the cut in terms of winning any of these award categories, and a very small handful has ever been honored with awards in multiple categories.

Spink & Edgar is one such company that can claim multiple awards: one for innovation and another for sustainability.

In England, however, holding the role of a monarch in Great Britain is a lifelong role that enables a much more intimate, literally matriarchal relationship to develop between the people and their Queen “mother”.

Nevertheless, with such privilege and power comes supreme responsibility and integrity as well. To lose the trust of the people is to lose the power of influence, and cultural irrelevance is the British equivalent of what we Americans would correspond with impeachment.

The Queen of England takes her job very seriously, she isn’t about to swayed by financial incentives when it comes to publicly recognizing the few British companies that she feels are truly helping make the world a better place to live.

So Best Sleep Centre has done it again.

We have found a truly Farm to Bedroom product that does not pay for the farm with every mattress sold.

Slightly more expensive then regular mattresses, the Spink and Edgar no foam, natural, farm grown mattresses are made with more natural materials without charging a price that in the past simply was out of this world for many a customer.

These are the very best natural, farm to bedroom, no foam mattresses made.

If you have specific diagnosed problems, these mattresses are not medical devices, we rely on you to ask questions you need answered for your situation.