Best Sleep Centre will deliver mattresses and furniture anywhere eighteen wheels will go.

We ship regularly to Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. We have even shipped electric beds as far as the Bahamas. Our customers realize they can get the best value with us regardless of the distance. They know this because we provide all the necessary information required to make an informed buying decision on our website. You want specifications, we’ve got them.



You never have to wonder what’s inside the mattress you’re purchasing from us and this puts you at an advantage for getting the best deal possible even after delivery costs are factored in. Our bunk beds are comparable piece for piece, name for name, supplier for supplier and we can ship from Winnipeg to Toronto for less than you can purchase down the street and have it delivered to you.

Google Sesame Bunk Bed and/or Ginger Bunk Bed and you’ll see that this is true.

Call 1-800 383-7755 anywhere in Canada for answers to your questions.

Before we deliver your mattress we invite you to read ‘Dave's Blog’ to find out more about “How to Buy a Mattress”. This will help you arrive at an informed decision and we’re happy to help.