Aberdeen Euro Top



The Aberdeen Euro Top will give the competition fits and you the consumer a great night's sleep. Outlast Fabric, a full inch of 4 pound Gel SpaceFoamTM and a full inch of 2 pound FT Latex, plus an inch and a half of QuiltFlex; one of the best foams in the industry. I bet you no other brand will sell you a bed like this with a pocket coil in it for less than us or I will give you this mattress free. See our competitors beat our price by 5 percent by selling you a mattress that's worth 50 percent less and saying its similar. I promise you it's not the same. Simply ask for Outlast and the 2 inches of high density foam listed here and their price will be hundreds more. Yes, if they take out the high density gels and latex and replace it with ordinary foam the price might be 5 percent less. In our store it will be 30 percent less.

This mattress is SOFT. It's for the client that comes in and says nothing is soft enough; and it will last because we build that softness with quality foam. It also provides excellent back support again because it is quality built. Many a cheap bed starts out soft but 6 months after you buy it they get hard, and a year later they are very hard. This loss of feel is not covered by your warranty either so the only way to keep it is to buy quality foams that keep the feel you desire. The Aberdeen Euro Top is the starter model that will do all this for you in the Master Bedroom category.

  • Outlast® Temperature Regulating Cover
  • 1 1/2" QuiltFlexTM + 1/2" Plush Foam Quilt
  • 1" TEMPAGELTM Space FoamTM (HD 4.0)
  • 1" FuterTek GEL Latex Blend (HD 2.0)
  • 1" HD15 Firm Bedding Foam
  • 744 Edge-to-Edge Individual Pocketed Coils (Queen)
  • Reinforced HD Steel Perimeter Coils
  • 1" HD15 Motion Reducing Bottom Foam
  • Solid Wood and Steel Construction
  • Durable Non-Skid Decking
  • 10 Year Non Pro-Rated Warranty
  • 90 Day Comfort Guarantee