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Primo Pillows Calmness Memory Foam Pillow

Calmness Memory Foam Pillow

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Calmness Memory Foam Pillow

When shopping for memory foam pillows, look no further than the Calmness Memory Foam Pillow by Primo. Drift off to sleep with the subtle scent of lavender to keep you calm all night. The Calmness Memory Foam Pillow is a dream come true with the comfort of memory foam and scent therapy infused technology. A good fit for most, this simple design with a flat edge and taper fits just right into the neck and shoulder with the ideal amount of squish as the memory foam conforms. This pillow is 5.5" thick and has a medium-plush feel.

Features include:

  • Luxurious, conforming memory foam to cradle your head and neck for optimal sleep comfort
  • Aerated and infused with lavender

The Calmness comes with a 30/120 night Comfort Guarantee

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