Natural Bed | Spink and Edgar | Alpaca 7000

  • $2,461.95

Natural Bed by Spink and Edgar

As unique as any product in our line, the Alpaca combines 7,000 individually wrapped coils with comfort layers benefiting from the remarkable properties of Alpaca fleece that can wick away moisture for a healthy sleeping environment.

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Comfort Layers:

  • 1 FR Barrier Whisper Shield
  • 1 Layer-Natural loose fill fibers including Yorkshire Wool, Egyptian Cotton, Cashmere, Mohair and Angora
  • 3 Layers-Natural loose fill fibers including Hemp, Flax, Egyptian Cotton
  • 3 Layers-2,080 HD coils 3/4” tall 19 gauge

Support System:

  • 7” Comfort Core innerspring with Quantum Edge Perimeter (1,076 coils)
  • 1 All natural hemp, flax, and Egyptian cotton pad

Mattress Height:

  • 12″

Total coils:

  • 7,316
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