Restorative Euro Top



The Restorative is the very best Mattress available in Manitoba at the price we are charging. You can spend more but you won’t get more product or sleep.

Comparing the ingredients and specs to the competitors with the names TempurPedic or iComfort and the price will easily be 50 percent higher after all the pretend discounts are applied. This mattress is the very Firmest and the very Softest mattresses on our floors. Firmness is quality Softness that lasts is science. When you want support with maximum pressure point relief this is the mattress to look at. Latex for firmness TempaGel for pressure relief the Restorative From Restonic is the Very best mattress available. Outlast covers for the coolest nights sleep possible. This mattress has the best warranty on the market. Not a higher number of years which is another fake idea, but a lower tolerance for body impressions compared to other mattresses of equal pricing.

1" GEL INFUSION HD15 Foam sleeps cooler and relieves pressure plus 1" Anti-Microbial Cool Comfort QuiltFlex quilted to cover. 2" TEMPAGEL Space Foam and 2" TEMPAGEL Latex on top of a firm foam base. This bed provides a feel that is very middle of the road but is easier to move in and has a more traditional feel than most foam mattresses. But still the benefits of a motionless design and pressure relief.