Signature Hybrid 4000 Euro Top



The Hand Crafted Signature Hybrids 3000 and 4000 Euro Top are two of the Best Beds ever made by Restonic; and according to the best mattresses available in Manitoba at this price point. The 4000 Euro Top is the softer version of one of the firmest mattresses on our floors. The 3000 is the harder version. 

Both of these mattresses offer superior firmness and support. The 4000 Euro Top offers 2 full Inches of 4 lb. per square foot Gel infused Latex and 2 full Inches of 4 lb. per square foot TempaGel SpaceFaom. Both mattresses are covered in Outlast, one of the most expensive fabrics ever put on a retail mattress. Outlast is the premium temperature regulating material used in both Astronauts clothing and the very best high end sporting equipment. The 3000 offers the same materials but to make the bed harder as some customers prefer, the foam package is 1 inch of Latex Gel and 1 inch of TempaGel SpaceFoam  instead of 2 inches like in the 4000. This would be enough right there for our competitors to charge what we are charging for these mattresses but Restonic adds 875 individually encased pocketed coils with the exclusive reinforced Marvelous Middle to put these two beds into the Hybrid category and offer enough support for our largest customers and more comfort for all our customers then any mattress at this price point anywhere. 

Another Exclusive feature of Restonic is some of the materials we don’t use in our mattresses. We do not use and Convoluted foams or cushioning Fibers in any of our mattresses. Words like Silk and Wool and Holofill sound exotic and cool and Convoluted foam is sold as a better breathing material  but in the end they both compact and in a very short period of time the mattress feels much different then when purchased and this is not covered by any warranties a competitor may offer.  

QuiltFlex™ foam  is what we use instead of fibers of any kind and these mattresses have 1.5 inches of this high quality cushioning material in them. As stated below in the additional information section. QuitFlex™ almost completely eliminates body impressions and Restonic uses more QuiltFlex™ at every price point then all our competitors. 

Signature Hybrid 4000 Euro Top

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QuiltFlex™ foam

The QuiltFlex™ foam is the first foam to almost completely eliminate  body impressions by its outstanding strength and durability. Advanced tests have shown that the QuilfFlex™ foam keeps its shape at 98% in durability testing of an equivalent of 10 years of use 90 percent of the time.

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