Solid Hardwood Bedroom Furniture Bayfield Collection

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Solid Hardwood Bedroom Furniture Bayfield Collection

The Solid Hardwood Bedroom Furniture Bayfield Collection from Best Sleep Centre Direct is our Under Amish Line of Fine Furniture. Available in Oak, Birch Quarter Sawn Oak or Cherry, this suite comes in many different colors and hardware choices. Six Drawers underneath or 2 at the foot; your choice for you is available from us. Custom made in the Bench built style; this suite is both Classic and modern. 100 percent solid hardwood. NO NONE NADA MDF or Veneer. The gables are ply-woods to prevent shifting and cracking where the furniture needs to shrink and expand with the change of seasons.

Want to save the planet? Live like grandma or for some of us already great grandma, buy quality once and use it forever or sell it 20 years later for almost what you paid for it. This product one day will be featured on the Antique road show. Quality that lasts a lifetime.

All woods are North American from our climate and the craftspeople are too.

Designed to last a life time no one move this product becomes a family heirloom from the moment we deliver and unpack and place wherever you tell us to do so.

Best Sleep Centre will deliver anywhere 18 wheels will go and we even have put product on airplanes; so if you need the best furniture available and a good logistics company too? You have found it in Best Sleep Centre.

Call a sleep expert at 1-800-383-7755 or 204-837-7330 or chat with any questions or come to 953 St. James Street and give our Solid Hardwood Bedroom Furniture a 'rest drive'. We have the lowest prices in Canada!