Solid Hardwood Bedroom Furniture Heartland Mission With LP Footboard

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The Solid Hardwood Heartland Mission With LP Footboard is all bench built, utilizing state of the art Saw Optimizing Technology and CNC Machining Centers to provide the highest quality parts for construction. Witmer does not build a single piece for stock, rather each piece of furniture is built to order. Witmer goes through great lengths to ensure the continued quality of your product. Incoming lumber is tested for moisture content to prevent against warping from wood too wet, and splitting from wood too dry. All solid wood panels are hand sorted and assembled to be aesthetically pleasing. Finally, English Dovetail Drawers are used with full extension drawer glides. Each pieces is finished with a multi-step finishing process with the final protective finish being a catalyzed lacquer finish. This is an extremely durable and protective finish which is resistant to scratching, moisture and UV light for example.

Solid handcrafted hardwood suites available in Oak, Quarter Sawn Oak, Cherry, or Birch.


Hardware Available

M1 - Taylor J Knob
M2 - Unity Knob
M3 - Ashland Knob
M4 - Silver Knob
M5 - Square Pewter Knob
M7 - Gold Knob
M11 - Heartland Pull
M12 - Silver Pull
M13 - Black Contemporary Pull
M14 - Distressed Pull
M16 - Mission Ring Pull
M21 - Rustic Pull
M23 - Brushed Copper Knob
M24 - Summit Lake Pull
M26 - Iron Cup Pull
M28 - Grafton Pull
W5 - Shaped Round Knob