Standard Latex Pillow



PureCare Plush™ Standard Latex Pillow - The “Naturally Solid, Naturally Supportive” latex pillow. Comfort and Health. Redefined®


Natural Latex Pillows:
PureCare Plush latex pillows utilize natural, Talalay process latex foam made in the USA. Our latex foam pillows are manufactured to the highest quality and provide unparalleled pressure relief and firm support.

The PureCare Plush bamboo rayon/ velour cover keeps your head dry and cool, and is soft and lush to the touch.


The cover found on our latex foam pillows is created from bamboo rayon. Biodegradable bamboo fibers naturally resist bacteria, and can aid in a more hypoallergenic pillow. The bamboo fiber is then treated with antibacterial silver ions, which locate and deactivate bacteria on contact, while suppressing the growth of dust mites, allergens, fungi and odors. Great for allergy sufferers! Cover is also bed bug proof.

Silver’s Powerful Effects on Bacteria:

1. Cell membrane is destabilized
2. Respiration is prohibited
3. Food (nutrient) intake is impeded
4. Cell division is inhibited

MiteTight® Sealed Seams and Locking Zippers:
Our patented sealed seams ensure that allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs do not penetrate your pillow. PureCare Plush pillows also have strong locking zippers that keep the bugs out. Rest secured with PureCare.

PureCare Plush latex foam pillows have a five year warranty. Products proudly conform to the Oeko-Tex healthy product standard. Cover and latex core may be machine washed on cold settings, air dry.


Protects against:

  • BacteriaBacteriaBed BugsBed BugsAllergensAllergens
  • Dust MitesDust Mites