Valentino LF

Valentino LF

  • $749.00

The Valentino LF mattress is made exclusively for Best Sleep Centre and is constructed of the highest grade four pound Gel foams available in the market.

The foams are Certi Pure certified as toxin free and are as off gas free as humanly possible.

2 Inches of 4.0LB High density Gel foam; the same foams that are in the 2000 and 3000.00 mattresses sold for electric beds that you see on CNN every day.

This mattress has support that is firm, with the Gel Foam melting and relieving pressure better than any foam mattress at twice this price.

Best Sleep Centre has been buying and building mattresses for over 25 years. If you want a Gel Foam mattress for your Lifestyle Adjustable bed that does not cost more then the base itself the Valentino LF is the one for you.

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  • 10 inches total thickness
  • 35% Bamboo Blend Cover
  • 2" 4.0 lbs. Gel Pressure Relieving SpaceFoam™
  • NO Convoluted Foam or Partial Layers
  • Virtually Motionless Coil Free Design
  • Supportive 8" 1.8lbs. HD Foam Core
  • Canadian harvested wood, 1x3 lumber,
  • No cardboard
  • Available in 5" or 9"
  • 10 Year Non Pro-Rated Warranty
  • Best Sleep exclusive TruPrice 90 Day Comfort Guarantee

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