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We have the best mattress for the best price, period.

Mattresses come in varying degrees of quality. When shopping for your mattress wouldn't you like to get the best mattress for you at the best price? Our ComfortCare® mattresses first won the Consumers Digest Best Buy™ Award in 1987. We’re especially proud of this award as it’s based on eight essential criteria: performance, ease of use, features, quality of construction, warranty, efficiency, styling, and maintenance and service requirements. Very few other product lines have received the Consumers Digest Best Buy™ Award as many times as our entire ComfortCare® mattress collection. We are the exclusive Restonic mattress dealer in Manitoba.

What type of mattress are you looking for?

ADJUSTABLE Mattresses designed for use with an adjustable bed.
YOUTH Mattresses designed for children and young adults.
EURO TOP Euro-tops (like pillow-tops) are padding layers made of foam or fiberfill; however, the material is usually denser and of higher quality than the material found in a pillow-top. Rather than being sewn to the top of the mattress, they are sewn flush with the edges of the mattress. This creates a uniform, neatly stacked appearance.
FIRM Firm mattresses are generally better for those who sleep on their back, because they provide a more stable and even surface. Stomach sleepers tend to fare better on a firmer mattress, too.
ORGANIC The Natural, No Foam Mattresses By Spink & Edgar Are Available At Best Sleep Centre. Spink & Edgar USA has been growing luxury beds for 130 years.
POCKET COIL Traditional steel coil mattresses are built with a series of springs networked throughout the bed. Pocketed coils are each wrapped in fabric and individually encased so that they perform independently.
PLUSH Offers more surface “give” and provide a softer surface comfort. This is a happy balance between firm & pillow top. Pillow Top mattresses provide the ultimate in surface comfort and firmness, cradling and supporting your every move with pillow like softness while you sleep.
SPACE FOAM Space Foam mattresses are made of visco-elastic memory foam using space-age technology. Sleeping on a memory Foam mattress will rejuvenate your entire body at night and will maintain good health and well-being during the day.