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50th Anniversary Of The Futon

by David Keam

The Futon has grown up and although no one, well not me anyway, knows when the first Futon was created. It's safe to say that the technology and comfort of this bed and couch in one has definitely grown up to become a viable decoration and comfort idea. Now that the idea has grown up matured; really works and we have figured out how to do it right; there are now people copying and cheapening the idea and that's the real reason this product has not surpassed the hide a bed as the best convertible couch sleeping option.

When the first futons were invented the mattresses were basically flat cotton bags. People complained constantly about how uncomfortable this product was. Many a first generation futon was made of recycled pallets and let's face it that seems to lack the ability to win any design contests.

Now that the engineer grandson of the hippy inventor has perfected this product. If you buy it right; it's like anything else; it works and lasts for years or you can buy the one at Walmart or Ikea and complain its uncomfortable and does not last.

The solid hardwood Futons and Canadian made pocket coil or Space Foam mattresses made today are so comfortable and durable I don't understand why anyone would still sleep on a 4 inch thick hide a bed mattress with a steel bar in their back.

The cheap hide a bed is still less expensive than a good solid wood futon but the sleep is not better. The well made durable hide a bed is way more expensive then a top end futon and the durability is equal but the sleep is way better on the futon and its very nice to sit and look at too.

With over 400 cover styles and 30+ different frames to choose from and many frame colour options, from quality suppliers, this product fits into any decor when purchased correctly with time and thought involved.

So next time you want to take a bedroom and turn it into a two use room or put a real bed in your man cave, the futon has grown up and taken its place in the decorated spaces of the customer who wants to save a few dollars and sleep well and also in the best decorated spaces in the finest homes.

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