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All About Live Edge Tables

by Best Sleep Centre

In your home, each table and piece of furniture may have a unique history. At Best Sleep and Amish Gallery , we take great delight in producing one-of-a-kind items that will preserve that lovely tale for future generations. We are excited about the resurgence of distinctive heirloom furniture. Furniture with live edges can become a cherished heirloom.

You may have heard of this style of furniture and been curious about it. It can sound like a strange idea, but this article will explain it all to you! You'll learn about all the advantages of owning live edge furniture as well as some design suggestions for incorporating this style into your area. Always utilize your imagination, and if that fails, look through our blog for further suggestions.

What Is Furniture with Live Edge?

One sort of furniture that has been cut from a single piece of wood is live edge furniture. The primary characteristic of this kind of furniture is that the natural edges and flaws of the wood are visible. The wood is uncut to square the edges.

Best Sleep and Amish Gallery’s live edge furniture is crafted by hand from wood that has been ethically acquired. Unlike conventional furniture, which can be mass-produced, our items are one-of-a-kind. Only exquisite wood slabs and or large strips from sustainably managed forests are harvested by us, and we make sure the life there endures.

Every fallen tree has promise, and our artists use their remarkable skill to turn each one into a stunning work of art. We may all appreciate nature in its purest form and beauty because they preserve the inherent flaws, knots, and chips.

This trend in home décor is well-liked since it provides fascinating textures and lovely designs. Coffee tables, dining tables, seats, and other furniture pieces with live edges are made from trees.

Live edge tables' advantages 

Live edge tables have all the natural beauty of wood because they are constructed from logs. They frequently have very creative designs. There is only one live edge table in existence, so when you purchase one, you are purchasing something unique. Live edge tables are not only exquisite, but also incredibly useful. A live edge table serves as a constant reminder that you are a real-world person when you have one in your home.

You may utilize live edge tables for a variety of uses because they are so adaptable. They might take the shape of a side table or a coffee table. They can also function as end tables.

These tables can be found in a wide variety of finishes, which makes them highly popular. You can select from a variety of finishes when you purchase live edge furniture. You might prefer dark wood, or you might be interested in a light finish. Live-edge tables come in a wide variety of shapes in addition to the various finishes. They will undoubtedly be the topic of conversation at every occasion and are the ideal signature item for any interior design.

These tables are ideal for you if you want a rustic or industrial aesthetic. Every place is filled with the rustic charm of nature. And because we are ardent proponents of biophilic design, we believe live edge tables are the ideal way to re-establish a connection with nature while remaining comfortable in our own homes and workplaces.

Care Instructions for Live Edge Tables

Live edge furniture requires care and upkeep, just like any other piece of furniture, to maintain its durability. One of the wonderful things about live edge wood is that it won't absorb moisture because it isn't porous, keeping it in peak condition. Your live edge furniture will also mature nicely over time because it is constructed of natural materials.

Live edge tables require only the most minimal upkeep, which consists of washing them down with a rag, water, and light soap. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents on the table or subjecting it to heat or abrasives. Using distilled water instead of tap water is also recommended because the latter might leave behind mineral stains and residue. They will require little upkeep for many years to come because they are sealed and covered with a topcoat.

Where Can Live Edge Furniture Be Used?

One of the most sought-after styles of furniture on the market now is live edge furniture. In many houses, it is a need due to its distinctive appearance and capacity to be customized to produce a piece of furniture that matches your design. They can be utilized to provide flair and functionality to any space.

It works well for shabby chic coffee tables, kitchen islands, and dining tables. It also looks great in the living room or foyer. These tables work nicely in lobbies, conference rooms, and living areas. When you include one of these pieces of art in your area, the possibilities are truly endless.

Live edge furniture is an excellent alternative for people who want a vintage look in their living room, dining room, or office as well as places where you want to have a more edgy feel.

Live edge furniture is ideal for many different inside applications, but it may also look stunning outdoors. Outdoor patios and decks are just a few of these applications.

The use of live edge on furniture is common in rustic architectural styles. People who seek an industrial design also like it a lot. Recently, it has also been incorporated into contemporary designs, which highlight the wood's organic appearance and feel. One of those furnishings that can be found in homes and restaurants all around the country, live edge tables provide a certain level of originality that ordinary tables don't.

Ideas For Live Edge Table Designs

A wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature inside your house is with live edge tables. They are distinctive and come in a variety of styles, such as modern minimalist, industrial chic, contemporary, rustic farmhouse, and more. Unlike regular wood furniture, live edge tables have a unique design. They have a natural, rustic appearance that contrasts sharply with the smooth, slick finish of standard tables.

Live edge tables have a unique appearance that works well in a variety of home themes. Live edge tables are a fantastic accent piece that draw attention regardless of the current trends since they have a classic appeal that can be taken into any age.

Here are a few of our favorited distinctive, live-edge tables that might help you update your space!

What stores sell live edge tables? 

We at Best Sleep/Amish Galley of Manitoba are delighted to be able to provide you with beautiful and distinctive furniture options like our live edge tables. They have been expertly crafted and we are prepared to assist you in establishing a charming, rustic ambiance in your home. You may find our carefully picked collection of live edge tables both on our website and in our Winnipeg showroom at 953 St. James St. We invite you to peruse and see for yourself their beauty and effortless, natural attractiveness, or to visit our shop and experience them yourself. It's a beautiful experience in every way! We can assist you in selecting the ideal in stock item, or in having one specially made with your

demands and requirements in mind. Feel free to contact us after you have the image in your head after letting your imagination run wild. We're ecstatic to have the chance to work some magic as a team!

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