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'ALL' Wood Quality Furniture vs. Pressboard.

by Best Sleep Centre

Choose all wood Quality Furniture vs. Pressboard and Glue board. 


Furniture is an investment – IT CAN BE ART YOU LIVE WITH.

When shopping for home furniture, whether it is for your bedroom, living room or the dining room, choose quality solid wood furniture. Many think that quality furniture is too expensive. While there may be some truth that it does originally cost more, you need to look at the bigger picture so as to save money and maybe the planet too.

If you resort to, mass-produced pieces to furnish your home, thinking you are spending your money wisely, you need to understand that with supply chain issues as they are these days you may be buying allot of transportation costs and mot much workmanship.

Lately I have found buying local is not only good for the economy; it’s also good for the consumer, as freight from China is making the cost of poorly built furniture not a whole lot less that solid wood. 

Furniture is; OR SHOULD BE,  a long-term investment, not something you shop for every 5 or 10 years – which can be the case with pressboard  furniture.

Think longevity when shopping for your furniture and the happiness and the savings add up.

As mentioned above, furniture is supposed to be a long-term purchase. Your dining room furniture or bedroom suite should outlast you!  When you put your money into quality wood furniture you are making a cost-efficient decision and saving yourself from replacement cost and thus more money down the road.  By doing a simple test for durability, like running your fingernails on a supposedly wooden piece of furniture to check for potential scratching, you can tell whether it is worth spending your money on it or not.

Quality should also be comfortable. Quality furniture manufacturers such as the Amish or North American made Wolf Craft Furniture knows that while style and creativity are especially important,  comfort is not something that should be compromised. After all, furniture is meant to be functional and usable.  Comfortable furniture makes ppl happy, so do yourself a favor and spend a little extra time touching and sitting and asking questions on your search to buy quality solid wood furniture pieces that will not make you feel like you would rather eat while standing!

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Quality hardwood furniture maintenance. Less expensive furniture is often made from glue and sawdust or woods that come from climates of 100 percent humidity that do not endure once they get to Friendly and COLD Manitoba. Once it breaks or stains, you will have to replace it, as parts are not and technicians are not available to fix this sort of product.  Alternatively, when you buy quality solid wood furniture, if need be, it can be treated, repaired, and easily taken care of to last for generations.

There is a  misconception that quality furniture means more expensive prices, however, this is not entirely true; as stated earlier in this blog much of the cost of lesser quality furniture is transportation, So be careful when furniture shopping, and do not fall for clever marketing. Instead, do your due diligence, open the drawers, shake the furniture, you don’t have to be rough, but you should be able to move it without it twisting. In a day and age of rising prices, maybe learning from our grandparents and elders and buying something well made once; is a good idea.

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