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Best Sleep Centre Has The Largest Selection Of Cottage Furniture In Manitoba

by David Keam
Hello All:

If you're reading this when its written its' July in Winnipeg and today its 32 degrees. Its just after the Canada day long weekend and its one of the nicest days in years. If your one of the many Manitobans blessed to have a cottage you’re reading this from there.

Best Sleep Centre has the largest selection of Cottage furniture in Manitoba.

Bunk beds of every size all the way to Double Double available in 5 colors and capable of holding four adults. I can also get Double on the top with Queen on the bottom but you will pay for it and wait 5 to 12 weeks depending on what you want it made out of.

We carry mattresses in stock ready to be taken to the cottage or we deliver and set up as well.

We carry a vast array of solid wood furniture in every price range from moderate to the very best available. 10 wood species and 30 colors are yours to choose from.

Futons; and not your grandpa’s futon made from pallets. I like to say this is the futon designed by the engineer grandson of the hippy who invented them. Canadian made mattresses and 400 futon covers to choose from to cover your solid hardwood selection of Premium futons some with 10 year warranties.

Hide a beds, we carry those as well. 50 styles all sizes and 40 color options.

Sleep Chests and Murphy beds. We have those too. The largest selection of the highest quality all hardwood construction space saving beds money can buy. Some with desks built in some to sit your 60 inch TV on top of.

If you’re looking to furnish your cottage one time with furniture that will never need to be replaced for as long as you own it, if you are going to look after what you buy I have it here. Everything we sell is solid everything we sell for your cottage is the best you can put in it and again if that's what you want, we have never had a problem saying our prices are lower than anyone's for quality that lasts.

Come by and see a huge selection of furniture that's right for the cottage where you desire to rest and regenerate from a life of work that makes the cottage available to you and your family.

Maybe some maintenance once in a while but there are no disappointing products here. Check the website and see what Best Sleep Centre has for you next cottage season and life long adventures.

David Keam,
Best Sleep Centre Inc.

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