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Best Sleep Centre Is Not Sleep Country

by Best Sleep Centre

Best Sleep Centre is Not Sleep Country

In the last many years, I’ve had many people assume to my face that I was Sleep Country.

In the Last 24 Hours, it happened again twice, and It really shows how big a problem this really is for Best Sleep Centre.

I was at a live music event last night put on by Shaw TV and X-Cues that is sponsored by myself and Best Sleep Centre and even though it was announced on multiple occasions that the event was sponsored by Best Sleep Centre I had a gentleman come up and ask me if there was any hope for the stock. To which I answered no and then told him we were not Sleep Country but Best Sleep Centre. And yes, the stock is down 50 percent in the last year and in my opinion, there is no hope for that stock. They have way too many outlets for today's economy and their prices are way too high If people ever start looking at what’s in a mattress as apposed to the nice name, the nice brand and the nice salesperson with the huge pretend discounts.

Then today on live chat I had a person tell me that their beds were delivered yesterday and that they were all torn and not the same height and that when they called in the afternoon the message said they were closed and that when he called today the message said they would call him back in 24 hours and that he had gone to the McPhillips store but could not find the phone number. Peoples Google abilities are lacking here. Anyway, he had spent big money at Sleep Country, seriously overpaid and, in his mind, he had bought from Best Sleep Centre.

These are two separate companies. The owner of Sleep Countries drapes is worth more than my entire world and the stock is off 50 percent for a reason and I’m certain we have lost tons of business and people can’t figure out the difference between Best Sleep Centre and Sleep Country.

So, one more time Best Sleep Centre. Lower prices and locally owned and operated. Been here 27 years. Sleep Country; Big over priced over a valued conglomerate that works the same angles as any large store, pretend sale pretend discount and never a single piece of paper that helps you compare anything to anything.

People come to me to help them understand what they looked at at Sleep Country. Here at Best Sleep Centre, they get a written spec sheet and a written quote of exactly what they looked at and probably leave here with more knowledge about how their mattress is made than most Sleep Country employees.

So, when I see you in public remember I’m Best Sleep Centre your locally owned person who supports what you do. Your socials, your music festivals, your folkloramas, and your charity events. And Sleep Country asks you for coats and school supplies so they can donate them to charities and gets a receipt with your money. I give my money they give yours. 

That is Just one of the many differences between Best Sleep Centre and Sleep Country. We participate with our own money and they with yours. I donate my money they donate yours. Its like being at the till and asking if you’d like to donate to their charity. Nice I suppose but why not at least tell me you are matching my donation instead of just giving away my money.

Over the last few years, as the economy slows, we have gone down to ONE large store at 953 St James street. My competitor has 6 in the city and you are paying for all that convenience for a product you need to last 10 years and you need to cost as little as possible.

In conclusion, there is no hope for the stock unless they close hundreds of stores and Best Sleep Centre and Sleep Country are not the same company and if you google Best mattress store in Winnipeg, Best Sleep Centre comes up and Sleep Country does not.

See you at Best Sleep Centre 953 St James street or online or on Facebook. Is it straight now? Spend more money than you should at Sleep Country or Save money get a better product at Best Sleep Centre 953 St James street.

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