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Best Sleep Centre's 2019 Floor Model Blowout

by Best Sleep Centre
We need to rotate our floor models once a year so it's time for you, the customer, to save huge money during Best Sleep Centre's 2019 Floor Model Blowout as David Keam will demonstrate to you in the following video.

Taylor J Solid Cherry Dresser very large dresser very nice dresser is regularly $2492, and the mirror is $492 again solid cherry no MDF no veneer it's 50% off come and get it.

The Lake Forest Bedroom Suite is available in queen size it's Solid Birch again no veneer no MDF this product will last 150 years and the regular price on this is $1146 which is excellent to begin with. We have one suite in Natural and two suites in Grey and they're 40% off you must take an entire suite so in this particular instance you have to take the Bed the Dresser and the Nightstand if you want the Natural. The Grey has a few other pieces maybe; come and look because it's 40% off. Thank you.

The Heartland Bedroom Suite is Quarter Sawn Oak no veneer no MDF this is some of the highest quality furniture you will ever come across. We need to rotate our floor models once a year because we don't cook in here and we don't wash in here so there's just simply not enough humidity in the air and it goes out into a house and lasts 150 years. The nightstand the bed in Queen the dresser the mirror and the chest are 40% off and you will be finding some of the highest quality furniture you will ever see. Come and see this.

The Hixton Flat Panel Queen Bed is Solid Oak with six drawers underneath and is available in Grey and we have two beds and we have one or two nightstands and this is regularly $2172 in Queen night stand is $688 and this product is 30% off and again no MDF no veneer Solid Oak and it will last for many lifetimes.

The Hixton is our best-selling suite and its simply time to exchange the floor model you have three drawers underneath this unit. Nice full extension, big drawers, solid cherry no MDF no veneer. You have a chest, nightstand, dresser, and mirror. This suite is 40% off. Solid Cherry so if you understand the word Solid Cherry and you understand the words 40% off those two phrases don't come together very often. It's simply time to rotate our floor models. Come and see a beautiful Solid Cherry Bedroom Suite for 40% off.

The Hixton King Panel Bed and Mule dresser in beige are Solid Cherry this is a beautiful Solid Cherry bed and dresser. 100 percent Solid Hardwood no MDF no veneer English dovetail front and back full extension glides deep drawer dresser and Solid Cherry bed in King. Regular price on this is $4600. 50 % off gets you the bed or the dresser for nothing. It's the highest quality furniture you can buy; Solid Cherry. Made in North America.

So don't forget go to our website (you think that www would be obvious by now) and leave us your email address in the pillow draw and this also allows you the chance to win hockey tickets and pillows throughout the year so go to our website and leave us your email address. Thank you very much for listening. Tag this and send it to friends as well and that helps us, and it helps you. Thank you very much. Goodbye for now. Best Sleep Centre. You’ll Find Us!!!