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Beware Of Blind Purchases!

by David Keam

Mattresses Purchases

Well, it finally happened!

Something I have been waiting for since Sleeping Beauty opened its doors in Winnipeg 6 or so years ago. It finally happened, and I have been vindicated!

Let's go back to the beginning and let me explain why you should see Best Sleep Centre as The business doing its best to sell SLEEP! The company who has been telling it like it is and making more people happy with their bedroom purchase for more years and again at a lower price than any and I mean any National competitor and especially Sleeping Beauty.

How have I been vindicated? And how does this potentially save you money and therefore why you should care?

Restonic is one of the largest bedding companies in the world. They have 32 factories in 27 countries, and they have been around since 1938. Restonic is not new at this and of the 500 mattress companies in the world, they are rated by perceived production in the top 10 at any given time.

Restonic has the prestige of receiving the "Consumers Digest Best Buy Award" 8 times, more than any other Mattress manufacturer in North America.

The factory I deal with has been around since 1928 and has been run by the same family since the beginning.

This matters to you; because no matter what brand you think you want to buy; the local factory making it is one of the most critical links in a very long chain.

That chain consists of the component supplier, the factory, the store, and last but not least the salesperson and, you, the consumer is in the chain too!

So how Best Sleep Centre and I, David Keam have been vindicated and why do I believe I need to be anyway.

First of all, I need to say that it's not easy being a local retailer competing against the largest companies on the planet. Let's face it, you the consumer, believe there is no real way to compete with these giants. In the end, they have the power they have the best price, and there is no need to shop around except amongst them.

While I've been competing and quite well for many years, I believe; call it an inferiority complex; but I would like to quit being a niche player and see the industry change, so more people buy from me and more people save more money.

So how have I been vindicated? One of Sleeping Beauty's better salespeople just came to work for me because they could not tell the stories anymore. It's called a Justifiable drop.

The mattress and the boxspring don't match drop 200.00. The sale ended yesterday on that piece I can give it to you anyway a 100.00 off more.

I can't deliver that bed till Wednesday you want it Tuesday 100.00 off more. Wait it is available Tuesday Keep the 100.00 off.

Your shirt is blue I like blue, and all I want is for you to have this bed 100.00 more off.

He can't do it anymore, and that is the thing that got to him. What he said to me that vindicated me is "If your staff did a good job making people understand what was in the mattress and made them care and made them understand we could never get down to your starting price unless the bed we compared it to was completely different than what they saw at your store and completely inferior. Only if a person did not care about the upholstery in the mattress they were looking at did we get the sale".

I have been trying to get people to care about their sleep as well as their mattress purchase for years. I have been trying to get them to make the salesperson write it down to give the customer the same information the store buyer gets when they buy the mattress in the first place.

What was this new employee's response? It was I would get fired if I gave out that information. WHY? Because the industry wants this purchase to remain a Blind Purchase.

See how it works for them, the majority of people want to believe in discounts and more discounts so why fill their heads with how the bed is made?

We want you to understand that the more you know about your purchase for 3 hours every eight years the less you will spend the deeper you will sleep and the more likely you are to buy from me.

To recap, this new employee used to work for Sleeping Beauty, and I've been waiting for one of their long-lasting employees to finally quit and come over here and tell me what I have always known.

If you the customer ask them to give you enough information so that you know what you are buying. If MY staff can make you understand the facts about what is in your mattress you are looking at in my store. If we sell you Sleep and they discount for you a Mattress and if they ever give you as much information as we do and you use it; they will sell no more mattresses because you will find out they are the most expensive place to buy not the cheapest place to buy a quality sleep set compared to me.

So the new employee says to me "I was told I would get fired if I ever handed out a spec sheet" and I said "vindication at last."

David Keam,
Best Sleep Centre Inc.

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