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Buy Good Value, Not Cheap

by David Keam


I always say to people that every question is a good one when buying a mattress as long as they are laying down when they ask it.

One question I get all the time in the very lowest price points is....

So, why spend $160.00 on a Best Sleep Centre kids or guest foam bed when there are $100.00 foam beds in the market?

The first thing to realize is that at a distance of five feet they look the same. How do I say this both to staff and to customers reading the blog? Keep in mind I am saying the same to both.

Regardless of how much you are spending on a mattress, only if you get quality for your valuable money spent did you get a proper deal.

See, if I sell you a twin mattress for $160.00 for a 40 or 80 lb. child or a $275.00 queen mattress for a getting started couple and it lasts six years and does not hurt your back, you got value.

If you spend $100.00 on the twin or $200.00 on the queen and it falls apart in three years and hurts yours or the child's back in that time, you got ripped off.

Sorry to say, there is no warranty on these mattresses for these problems.

They look the same but a mattress from Best Sleep Centre is built with 1.5lb/ft3 foam and the cheaper one is likely built with 1lb/ft3 foam and is probably full of convoluted foam or egg crate foam as well.

See, when someone buys a cheap couch it's the cushions that fall apart not the frame. When you buy a cheap bed, the kids sleep with you and they grow up with a bad back. The mattress will cause more problems than it’s worth and more problems than the two or six-year-old is capable of telling you about.

So buy good value beds, not cheap beds.

Once you get past the starter price points and get into the higher quality units Best Sleep Centre is always less expensive than a mattress that is built with the same quality at other retailers. Always.

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