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Change Is Finally Coming

by David Keam

I'm starting to see the changes in things that the internet has promised for 20 years.

It was supposed to be the great equalizer.

It was supposed to be the way that the average company and person could compete and figure out what was really going on when they went to spend money.

Large companies like The Brick and Sears have huge advertising budgets and credit card programs and people always got fooled by these things and then the internet was supposed to let them check the facts and make wiser choices.

For years, I wondered why it was not really working, and now I'm starting to have hope.

The Brick was running an ad this weekend and don't worry if you're reading this in a year it's only a date change, and they are still running it.

That their beds were 63 percent off. Now they had the word "clearance" on the ad and I asked the customer what it meant and he said nothing?

It meant Special Order: This product is ordered directly from the manufacturer and is not eligible for refund or exchange once shipped.

Once you bought it you were stuck with it. No refund no Comfort Guarantee and it sounds like no warranty. It is clearance. Whatever it means “because you don't find out till you try to do a comfort guarantee or a warranty” it is written there to lessen the rights of the customer no matter what the uneducated salesman or manager says. Go Back to my link above. There is a reason the BBB Rating is F with an alert?

If I had an F with an Alert I would be out of business.

I replace product like this every day, and it seems the word is getting out.

Slowly but it is getting out.

You spend 1000.00, and you get "sorry if you don't like your bed"?

I had another customer in this week who spent 1500.00 on a King Mattress at Sears 5 years ago, they replaced it once, and then it still fell apart in another year.

They were big people, and they were undersold, but that's the responsibility of the sales staff - at least in my store.

Websites like this also give me hope.

Simple questions for the consumer such as how much did you spend and 1 to 10 what do you rate your mattress?

Our factory builds the number 1 rated mattress in Canada and the number 1 rated mattress in North America.

Our Stores' Google rating is 4.8 out of 5, and we have people in the store every day who have been on the web and "Found Us", read our blogs, watched our videos and figured out that getting a bed for regular price that lasts; is a lot cheaper and costs less than a mattress from The Brick or Sears at 63 percent off or whatever number they are pulling out of their collective...this week.

When a product has been on sale since your mom was born it's never been on sale. When the presentation is all about the price reduction and never about the quality of what you're buying it's not going to satisfy long term.

I had the chance to interview the second-highest salesperson from the St. James Brick location.

I asked him about foam quality and how they worked with that; his response was simple. We don't talk like that, we never talk about how a bed is made or how much the foam weighs or specifications. We talk "how does it feel, how much is the discount, coil count maybe and financing and that's it".

"If they want to know how it's made they are your customers. We drop them and move on."

There is so much information on the Web and the anonymous complainers are starting to be replaced with people who have to say who they are, and those people say much more intelligent things that actually help both you and me.

So if you're reading this you're on the internet and doing some research.

We are more than happy to have you on our site.

This purchase is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Treat it that way. Demand an intelligent sales person, and you will have a great chance of being happy with this purchase.

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