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Choosing a Mattress for my Adjustable Base

by Best Sleep Centre

Chances are you have seen an infomercial about Electric Adjustable Lifestyle Beds recently. They have certainly come into their own in the last year or two! For certain you do see TV commercials about them all the time now. An Adjustable Lifestyle Bed is exactly what it sounds like, it is a bed that allows you to adjust to different positions to make it easier to lounge in bed, sleep with your feet or head elevated, or snooze like in your Lazyboy. It is a play station for adults of all ages and some help for you to stay in your own home if that is what is needed for you. It can be a play and relaxation station, or a help centre or both.

If you already have one of these beds, you already know how comfortable they can be when paired with the right Mattress. It may be time for you to replace your Mattress, or if you are considering an Adjustable Bed and you are not sure what type of Mattress you should get; that is one of the reasons we wrote this blog for you.

Generally, any flexible Mattress will work with an Adjustable Bed. Flexible simply means without a boarder rod. People often ask, “won’t this ruin the mattress?”. My response is “how’s your elbow?” and then I explain further. Bend your forearm and we have problems but bend your elbow and its normal. An adjustable mattress is built like your elbow. It bends without any issues.

Finding the best of anything often comes down to quality and feel. Whatever feels good is good if it is built right and many blogs deal with this subject here. Some of the most popular choices include Gel Memory Foam, Latex, and or well-constructed Pocket Coil Hybrid Mattresses. The best Innerspring Mattresses for an Adjustable Bed are Hybrid Mattresses, or any foam constructed Mattresses of good quality.

Consider Best Sleep Centre’s Platinum Series Mattress, which includes different layers of materials, including a center core of reinforced Pocketed Coils and a layer or two of Gel Memory Foam. Or consider anything in the TempaGel lineup.

Be sure that when you shop for a Mattress for your Adjustable Bed that you choose one that is rated for use with an Adjustable Bed Frame. Avoid inexpensive Innerspring Mattresses because the coils in these beds are not flexible enough to bend without wearing.

Choosing the best overall Mattress for your Adjustable Bed may be easier than you think. You will not be able to go with a typical Innerspring Mattress, but there are some Hybrid Mattresses out there that are flexible enough to work with a bed frame that allows you to elevate the head or foot of your bed. Check out our website for further resources to aid your research, chat with us online, call our store at (204) 837-7330 or (800) 383-7755 or come down to 953 St. James Street for a ‘Rest Drive’ and we will make sure to help you choose the best Mattress for your needs and your Adjustable Bed. Sleep is Essential and the Adjustable Bed is too.

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