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Compare & Save...

by David Keam

People are constantly telling me how hard it is to compare one mattress to the next! For 30 years I’ve been trying to tell people; that’s exactly the way the industry wants it to be! But if you just ask some basic questions its actually quite easy.

My message has gotten across to many people...but not all. So let’s try to do a simpler comparison on a hard good. These are the exact same beds, both built and supplied by the exact same company, yet the difference in price between Sleep Country and Best Sleep is almost 50%!! Best Sleep is selling ours for $699 without a bed purchase and Sleeping Beauty is asking $1099. Best Sleep also discounts the bed an additional $200 if you purchase a mattress. Full warranty same as SC.

So why the difference? We simply buy better and our expenses are much less than theirs. Seven stores in a small geographic area like Manitoba sure makes it easier for them to get your attention, but it also makes their landlords happy and rich. Add to that the fact that their employee load is large compared to ours, etc. They simply MUST charge more than Best Sleep, in order to stay in business!
A quick glance at their share price over the last year shows just how well this idea is working for their investors. The same is true for the customer. They like to tell us they are cheaper and because every mattress in their store has a different name than every mattress in all their direct competitor’s geographic area, they are not fibbing. You cannot buy the Simmons 'whatever model' for less anywhere than at Sleep County (because that model name doesn't exist in any competitor store), now if you compared what is in it that Simmons to what is in our mattresses, you would realize that you are not only saving big money but getting far superior quality.

You have the same choice you have had for 30 years, buy blind and trust or by foam density and buy from us with the assurance you are getting the very best price, highest quality materials and the best warranty in the market.

Here is a comparison of adjustable bed prices and features:
Best Sleep's SS 34 is a Wall Hugger or Wall Defender of the highest quality. With features equal to the Sleep County unit (their legs adjust better than ours but that’s a problem solved for $89 if needed.)

Many features that compare one for one with the a much higher priced Sleep Country unit. The difference is you can almost buy 2 of the SS 34's for the price of one of their units. Ours is made in North America and has an 850 lbs. lift capacity. 

Both of these units will last a lifetime. What I’m saying is comparisons of hard goods or described feature goods is easier for the consumer to compare. Mattresses are harder. If we beat this huge company on products like the ones above, which are easy for you to see. Maybe we do beat them on soft goods “ mattresses” as well. Mattresses which sad to say many people come to us 2 or 3 years later and say 'we bought up or down the street, spent good money and it simply did not last.'

Sold by deal and feel only and not by how it’s made. It’s really quite simple, the mattress with the least amount of air in the foam and the least number of fibers used to make it soft; is the better mattress. And that foam measurement is density. 1.35 ,1.5 ,2, 2.5, 3,,3.5, 4. As that number goes up so does the price of the mattress and so does the longevity so the value goes up the cost comes down as that number goes up.

We sell by spec and they sell by feel and deal and lowering the price from the stated first price because of some set of reasons that seam reasonable. It’s a trained procedure that has worked for 75 years in the mattress industry. People will say to me, yes, I understand they are on sale every day; what do you have on sale? This question gets you to pay more for less.

People will also say to me my mattress from you lasted 18 years and I need a new one. There is a deal.

Use this example of a direct price comparison to see how we at Best Sleep are truly "Cheaper than Free".






David Keam,

President & CEO

Best Sleep Inc.

Come and visit us at 953 St James Street in Winnipeg and the cost difference and the product quality difference will save you way more than the $10 bucks extra it will cost you to drive by all the Sleep Country's on the way to 953 St James St.!!!