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Do Your Homework, Save Money, And Sleep Better

by David Keam

Do Your Homework, Save Money, And Sleep Better

It's finally warm outside after a couple of weeks of colder than Mars in Winnipeg Manitoba.

So last night my good friend Pat comes over to "help me" replace some light fixtures. He’s so good at doing the first six; we decide to go to the store and get some other fixtures for the kitchen.

We jump in the car drive down to store A and go in with our sample. The 4-foot single bulb T 8 fixture is 89.27; I need three; they have one, we move on to store B they are 99 dollars each for the LED ones, I don't want to change the color of light in the room so again we move on.

We decide to reconvene on another day, and Pat goes home. Bedroom lights fixed for the first time in a long time, I'm happy.

Today its mid-January and it's slow everywhere so off I go to store C "I'll name this one Home Depot." I had bought a puck light from them two days prior for 9.02 tax in and when I went to Safeway for some bread that same night, I saw the same bulb from the same manufacturer for 3.27. I bought the new bulb and decided to return the overpriced one to Home Depot.

On my arrival today I return the bulb, and the friendly consultant says "hey we do price match" so I remember that and go off and find the light fixtures I need today for the kitchen.

There they are $45.20 each tax in, and they are in stock. That's 1/2 the price of store A and these are what I want, unlike store B. But I have one more store to go. "I'm taking a break" I'm having fun, and I've already saved $135, and I figure there is more here somewhere.

Home Depot owes me for overcharging on the puck light from two days ago. So, off to store D, this store is a wholesaler I buy things from for my shop. Their price is $38.42 per fixture tax included. $7 less than Home Depot. I’d have stopped right there and just bought them, but they had no stock and two weeks away.

Pat, "My competent helper-friend" is off on vacation in two days, so its time to get this done.

I get a quote for $34 plus tax and went back to Home Depot.

They price match and pay me a discount for potentially overcharging me and its $101 tax in and now after I write this blog, I'm off to lunch on my savings and then to buy a cart of groceries with my 170.02 savings compared to Store A.

I don't know how store A stays in business, they bought out another failed company, but maybe, In fact, I guess I do know how they are still open.

Some consumers can be lazy and have more money than time or at least they have been advertised to believe that.

I watched 1 hour less news and 1/2 hour less of Pawn Stars in the last 14 hours and saved 170.02.

What is my point?

It's the same with the products I sell. Sleep and stress relief.

But the magnitude of the savings is much more significant and a little more thought needs to be used to get the savings but the savings is 100 to 2500.00 to 3500.00 to 25000 Bucks depending on whether you're buying a kids twin mattress or a king size top end flat mattress or a king size Lifestyle adjustable bed or a Massage Chair and natural mattress combo from my store.

I spoke to a lady on Sunday at the Renovation Show who spent 20k on her natural mattress and 15k on her massage chair. 1 hour with me and I could have saved her 17k, and she could have gifted the 17k savings for water wells in Africa or given it to Siloam and got a tax receipt for it.

My final point, it's your money, it's getting harder and harder to make it. Spend some time thinking comparing asking questions enjoying the process, I listened to some old time rock and roll on Power 97 when I was driving around, and I relaxed.

I only saved 170.02; you could save a lot more if you are buying my products and comparing properly.

Have fun when you spend money, make the salesperson work for it.

Do some research, and you will be more relaxed, more productive and sleep better.

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