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My pillow or Your pillow?

by Best Sleep Centre

My pillow, your pillow, which pillow?

Hello Sleepers: Need a Pillow?

My pillow, your pillow, which pillow?

How do I say this?

Pillows can’t be bought over the internet.

The My Pillow is 10 percent pillow 90 percent advertising. The equivalent quality at Walmart without the branding would be 8.92 to 13.92 USD. A My Pillow is 50.00 to 89.00.

I'm sorry, I've been trading these with customers, and this is one of the most excellent product launches of all times. The amount of sales for this product over the internet and the radio and TV is 25 million. Although due to the unending 2 for 1 promotion that they have been running, they have recently been flunked by the Better Business Bureau.

Check it out here!

Here is the simple problem. It does not matter how good a product is; or in this case how bad, bought sight unseen there is a very high chance it's not right for you, and that chance increases if you have a partner and you buy two. 

The ten-year warranty covers nothing. If you don’t like it in the first while you might send it back. They know that you probably won’t but you might. But if you don’t like it in a year and the cost to send it back is 15.00; you're not sending it back, and you're not getting a new one.

Nothing lasts ten years anymore; especially a 3.00 pillow disguised as a 50.00 pillow.

Worst case I can resend you new ones every year for many years and still make a profit.

Pillows are like pants and suits they have to be correctly fitted, and they have to stay the way they started out feeling in the store, or they don’t work. 

My pillow is marketing genius

My Pillow is a great marketing genius ploy. Its' just not proper value for a real pillow. Buying anything on the internet is always a gamble, and we fix those problems every day.

Need a pillow and wondering my pillow, your pillow, which pillow?

Come by any of our locations for a proper fitting and comfort guarantee.

We will give you personal service that fixes real problems.

Visit 953 St. James St. or Call 1-800-383-7755