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How To Get More Sleep

by David Keam

So a friend and Facebook acquaintance of mine posts her post.

"High Blood Pressure": tell me about your experiences…

  • More sleep 7 to 9 hours a day, more prayer, more good food, more exercise, 1 or 2 small glasses of wine and not least or finished list; More S.. The pills cause other problems and S.. And wine with the hubby causes none.
  • You are funny David! But most likely right! I'll pass this along!
  • David Keam: Life was meant to be simple. When it's between wine or pills. I choose wine
  • I agree!

Many of the other posts were about pills and one said "cut out all foods that taste good”. I think they meant had lots of salt because we as North Americans crave salt. Good food, real home cooked, good food made with spice and olive oil and proper vegetables and seasoning, needs just enough salt. Fake processed food needs a lot of salt, leading to high blood pressure. I am not a doctor, but many studies show getting 9 hours sleep a night is the best thing for health. We all work hard so we can have and provide a good life for the ones we love, but if you want to have any body left when your older, you need to add Sleeping Hard to the list of things you do for health. I have people I know who  exercise like crazy, but don’t sleep enough and can't get along with people. I know people who are rich beyond need, good people whose families give to the community and yet health is an issue because, pills at 2.00 or more per day are used to attempt to supplement pharmaceuticals for sleep because they have better things to do then sleep. Well, only before you go to sleep, maybe do you have something better to do in your mattress. Sleep is the best thing and cheapest thing you can do to buy health. I sell mattresses to afford being able to blog about sleep. The pillow and the mattress are the cheapest and most important pieces of furniture in your home. A $3000.00 mattress set that lasts 9 years that two people sleep on, costs 46 cents a day; a $1500.00 set 23 cents; and a $1000.00 set 14 cents a day. Compare that to the cost of pills of any kind including vitamins and you can see that mattresses are not costly. Eliminate 2 trips to the chiropractor per person per year and the 3 k mattress is essentially free.

What I want you to get from this is that sleep and the other activities that take place on a mattress with the person you love are two of the most important things in your life. They can be replaced by nothing else. And what people try to replace them with costs far more money and cause way more stress and disease and if you want to lower your blood pressure take some sleep.

Lately the hoax of cholesterol has been coming to the forefront in studies that show everyone's is different and high cholesterol is better than the drugs they use to lower it. What I am saying is there is no money to be made by big pharmaceutical companies selling sleep; there is huge money to be made from those who don't get enough.

Go take a nap.

David Keam,
Best Sleep Centre Inc.

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