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How's That For A Price Match Guarantee?

by Best Sleep Centre

Sleep Country says they have a 5% 'Price Guarantee'. The problem with that is they cannot beat Best Sleep Centre's price by 5% on the SAME or BETTER quality products than we carry. If they will give you as much information as I give you and they beat my price and you come in with a quote from them with enough information to compare anything about that mattress that you were looking at and it is better quality or the same quality as my mattress for the same price, I will give you my mattress for FREE. How's That For A Price Match Guarantee?

Best Sleep Centre has the lowest prices in Canada on Mattresses, Solid Hardwood Bedroom Furniture, Futons, Bunk Beds, Pillows and more. Visit our Super Centre at 953 St. James Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba or call 1-800-383-7755.

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