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If it’s always on sale, it’s not ever on sale

by David Keam

It happens to me almost every day. A relatively normal size man comes in, 179lbs…I guessed 180lbs. So this man came in and said he spent $800 bucks on a twin mattress at the brick 3 years ago and can’t sleep in it! $800 at the brick is a $500 mattress at our store. He was sold a kid’s mattress. His 115 lb. wife was having “no” problems with her mattress bought at the same time.

People get caught all the time buying deals. The first thing he said it was his mattress was on sale. Shoppers need to realize it’s always and never on sale. He paid way too much for way too little. I found him what he needs, and hopefully we will get him sleeping better soon.

If it’s always on sale, it’s not ever on sale. Please look at how it’s made and don’t believe it’s a special deal that no one else ever had. If it’s not a floor model or a demo, you’re not paying less money than the next guy who came last week or comes next. Walk away when the salesman stories start so you don’t get to the part where you say my son will take the 3-year-old one, and I’ll spend more money to get what I need.

A $2,000 mattress over ten years is $200 a year. An $800 mattress over 3 years and he hated it all 3 but could not send it back because of “COVID” is $275 per year and the chiropractor's wife gets a BMW!