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Did You Know Massage Chairs Are A Sleep Product Too?

by Best Sleep Centre

Massage Chairs at Best Sleep Centre

You might not believe it, but Massage Chairs are a Sleep Product too.

Stress? Have any in your life?

Massage therapist; tired of continually changing and rebuilding that relationship?

Tired of continually wishing they would talk less and let you drift off more?

And let's face it it's not cheap.

Nothing replaces an excellent human massage therapist, but like everything else out there its getting harder and harder to find and to afford.

Massage chairs have always been the purview of the rich, they either cost 7000.00, or they are toys, of lousy quality and or no features.

I make my living bringing products down in cost and up in features.

We have about 100 massage chairs in the field for the last three years, and only two have ever needed attention.

I was just at the Renovation show, and we debuted our latest Massage Chair, and the response was universal.

"Why is that other chair 7000.00?"

Well, because they can and because you will.

If you need a perfect quality massage chair and don't want to spend 7000.00 or 5500.00 or 4500.00, come to Best Sleep Centre and see what we have for you.

Any adult can visit a store for a Free Massage, and you will be convinced.

We guarantee whatever we sell. Best Price period.

Stop by anytime for your 15 Free Massage; we guarantee 15 minutes of complete peace unless there are kids in the store ;)

If you are looking for a massage chair in Winnipeg, we have it!

Visit our Sleep Super Centre at 953 St. James Street or Call 1-800-383-7755 or 204-837-7330 or chat for more information.