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Massage Chairs - The MOST Important Question

by Best Sleep Centre

Hello, David Keam here. I have been selling high-end comfort products such as Award Winning Mattresses, High-Quality Amish Furniture and Adjustable Beds for close to 30 years. I have been selling Massage Chairs for 5 years.

Customers are always telling me how hard it is to buy a good Mattress and truly know what it is that you are getting. I tell them it’s not that hard, it’s just designed by the Big Stores to be hard. I then explain to them, that if you only care about the density of the foam in the mattress, the buying process becomes easy. If you buy all the nonsense on the internet about never paying retail and haggling with your salesperson and waiting for a sale, you’re falling right into the retailer’s trap. If you simply find a retailer that will tell you the foam densities of their different mattress, higher quality foam and more of it; is simply a better mattress. My customers love this approach and sales keep growing.

So, when it comes to Massage Chairs what’s a simple secret? How about something as simple as the ‘weight’ of the unit. A chair that weighs 75 kgs is nowhere near as nice a quality unit as one that weighs 100 kgs and one that weighs 116 kgs is basically top of the line. Many companies show the weight both in the box and out of the box via their sales specs. One is to determine shipping costs and the other is to show the quality of the components.

When it comes to Massage Chairs more is better. Our New Deluxe Zzz Massage Chair is 116 kgs or about 256 lbs. If you can’t find this simple spec in your purchase decision, that is because they do not want you to have it because it’s a dead giveaway as to the poor quality of that Massage Chair. We have all the other bells and whistles too; they are posted everywhere. But comparing all that is way harder than simply looking at the price and the net weight. Our ratio and specs are better than anyone’s in Canada.

Do your own research and then come and enjoy your chair for many many many many years!

Every purchase of Massage Chair comes with an in-person video call to assist you with your hand remote and any other questions you may have. We are committed to ensuring our customers get the very best post sale service.