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Mattress Sales True Or False?

by David Keam


It's incredible to me how many customers say they don't believe in every day 50 percent off sales in the Mattress business and then ask me if I have any mattresses that are on sale: for 50 percent off; Or 60.

Our floor models can be discounted significantly but think about it.

You bought a mattress at regular price yesterday, and it goes on sale today, don't you march down upset and get the difference?

I can tell you that never happens; and why is that you ask because everyone gets their mattress at 50 percent off everyone, everyone and I do mean everyone.

Everyone that is but Best Sleep centre customers.

They pay full price every day, and they spend less than anyone who gets 50 percent off.

How can that make any sense?

mattress sale

The discount is off a fake price, and the reason this happens is to make the conversation go in the direction of the significant discount and not in the direction of how is this mattress made.

See the name of the sale changes and the name of the mattress changes, the same mattress in 5 different stores has five different titles and five different covers and they add an imaginary MSRP, and there you have it unending everyday sales events. Because we can do this every day and we do.

Demand to be given a spec sheet that tells you how the mattress is made you are looking at in that store.

Then you can compare: and if they refuse, walk out.

That's the only way to save money period.

Fake sales, Fake MSRPs, and fake discounts because you work for the government the police, Shaw, MTS, we have one where the sale was cancelled, we have one where the boxsprings don't match. We have one.......anything you come up with us a reason for a pre-designed discount from a fake higher than needed MSRP.

We sell by how its made.

Better product more money, lesser product lower price. Monday same price Saturday same price, Tuesday, same amount.

They never want you to figure this out; the discount is because it was planned and its designed to keep the discussion away from how is it made.

Stay with that program and mattresses are confusing and expensive and don't last.

Buy by how its made and you will save money even at full price. Because no matter where you buy from if its 50 percent off every day; that's full price.

David Keam,
Best Sleep Centre Inc.

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