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Mattresses, Lifestyle Adjustable Beds And More

by David Keam

Hello, I'm David Keam President of the Best Sleep Centre's Inc. and If you have a minute I'd like to talk to you about Mattresses, Lifestyle Adjustable Beds And More in Bedtime Story Number 15 of the year 2018.

"You know they tell you nothing."

So, we had a long-time customer in the store two weeks ago, and they were looking for Lifestyle Adjustable Beds.

They wanted a queen size; after spending a good hour in the store with one of my staff, they settled on a top of the line Leggett and Platt Queen Wallhugger Furniture Style Lifestyle Adjustable Base and a top of the line mattress; total price 4610.09 tax.  
They left a 100.00 deposit and said they would get back to us in the next couple of days.

A couple of days later the husband phoned to cancel the order and get their 100.00 back.

I was in the store when the husband came in for his refund, and I asked him why he was cancelling and what he had found to replace what our quote was and reminded him of our policy that" if any brand name beats our price on equivalent quality mattresses, our mattress is free".

The customer said, "I'm listening."

To my question as to whether he had a quote with any information; his answer was interesting and the same as always.

"I don't know its just 2600.00, and I don't want to spend 4600.00".

I asked again if he had any written information on this less expensive product from Sleep Country and he said

"You know that they tell you nothing."

Here they were about to spend 2600.00, and they knew nothing about the warranty of either the mattress or the Lifestyle Base.

This problem was our fault.

We did not get enough answers we did not ask enough questions. We did not figure out what the customer really wanted as to price and value.

So, the second time around we found a mattress suitable and comfortable and a base that met all their needs and for 3010.00 tax in delivered they bought from us and were very happy.

We blew it the first time around; we quoted options and quality the customer did not want. We asked them to spend more money in the beginning then they wanted. We did not have a long enough conversation.

But in the end, they wanted to buy from us, had done so in the past and wanted the quality they knew in the mattress and a base they could afford.

"You know they tell you nothing." Yes, it was cheaper at Sleep Country but not for the same product. For uninspected, unrelated, lesser warrantied, lesser quality product. It was less money. For the same, it was more. They did not show them the same.

If it was the same for less why not write it down let the customer compare, and they would have won the sale.

We learnt; the salesperson learnt a lesson with this customer.

Make sure the customer understands everything before they leave. Option A and Option B., In the end, this customer was not happy with the lack of a real quote from Sleep Country and came back to me for more answers: and more solutions and more options won the day.

"You know they tell you nothing."

My new favorite line.

David Keam,
Best Sleep Centre Inc.

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