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Miracle Sleep Aid Hits The Market

by David Keam

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If I had the power and offered you a miracle today, would you take it?

There are many people who go through life wanting and/or needing or simply waiting for something supernatural to happen to solve their problems. I believe that’s possible, and I’ve seen it happen, but today I was listening to a well known TV Preacher, and he said something interesting. He said, "Sometimes God just tells you to eat some good food and get some needed sleep."

The sophisticated educated people that we are do not really appreciate such simple answers. If I offered you a bottle of pills that you take once a day and this bottle cost 60.00 a month and it for whatever reason made you feel like you were getting 8 or 9 hours sleep a day. I’d be very rich beyond most dreams.

Well, to my current knowledge and bank account status that product does not exist, even if many a person is selling something in bottle form they say will solve most of man's maladies.

What I’m selling, and I'm not ashamed to say I am selling something because we all are; is an idea, a product that if sold properly, if BOUGHT properly, will cost way less than the bottled sleep pill or way less than the medication needed to replace that sleep and is much less expensive than the traditional way of buying this product as well.

The very best queen mattress we sell costs only $12.29 a month each for a couple to sleep very well for 10 years, and you can get that down to 5.00 a month each easy if need be, and you're relatively healthy and not overweight.

Most people believe we are triune beings Body, Soul and Spirit.

Most people are good at looking after 2 of these three parts of our being,

We eat and exercise, or we work hard and exercise often.

Many a study has pointed out clearly that a lack of sleep is the best way to start the spiral to depression and poor health.

What I'm proposing is a totally natural way to solve some of life's biggest problems. Get some sleep on a good mattress. And what I'm asking of you is that you take the purchase of your mattress seriously once every 8 to 10 years.

You are going to spend 29,000 hours in it with someone or alone in a 10-year period if you buy it right so maybe I can persuade you to treat this like the most important piece of furniture in your house.

My competitors want to sell this product to you because the box springs don't match, because it's close to Tuesday because they left the mattress making machine on too long. One continuous sales name to the next 366 days a leap year.

Why: because it's easier; because it works; because people believe it. Because it's easier to train people to sell “Feel and Deal” than “Quality and Need”.

The Brick’s BBB rating is F.

Yet everyday people go in there and buy a product because they believe it's a “good deal” that utterly fails them for the needed reason they bought it. Sleep.

So to end, Restonic is the number 1 rated mattress available in Manitoba. My staff and I have been selling sleep for over 25 years (as of 2017), our BBB rating is A+, and our Google rating in 4.7 out of 5 with more than 750 reviews.

Take this purchase seriously 1 or 2 hours every 8/10 years, and you will pay less for it and sleep better.

Who knew the Miracle Sleep Aid was a good mattress purchased properly. See you soon.

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