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My Pillow Sucks!

by David Keam

Soft Latex Pillows | Best Sleep Centre

I just cannot find myself a pillow...

People come into my store all the time and tell me that they are having trouble finding a good pillow or pillows that help them sleep.

I always say that the pillow is the cheapest piece of furniture in your home that causes or solves the most amount of problems. Because I sell pillows and mattresses for a living I’m always experimenting with products manufacturers and agents want me to endorse.
What I have found doing these trials is that pillows are like pants, they have to fit to be comfortable and to help you sleep deeply.

Everyone's shoulders are a little different and your pillow may need to be smaller or larger than mine to keep your neck straight and your head supported.

I was trying a very successful high-density SpaceFoam™ chip pillow and simply found that for my 160 lb frame and shoulder size it was way too big, kept my head way too high and caused me to wake up every morning with a low-grade headache.

Here is a space foam pillow that might be perfect for you or someone you know!

I have always loved feather pillows but they are very hard to come by these days and have got a bad hygiene rap lately.

So after trying many expensive foam pillows that many of my customers love, I went back to a good quality synthetic down pillow and my low-grade headaches are now gone.

So remember, you can’t walk into a grocery store pull a $20 pillow off the shelf and say this is for me.

I meet many people with 5 or more pillows that they own and they can't stand any of them.

The reason is simple, you're buying them wrong.

Find a bed store where you can go in and spend 1/2 an hour laying around and trying pillows like this one....

Desire Gel Ice Max Pillow | Best Sleep Centre

Find a place that with the purchase of a pillow protector will give you a comfort guarantee so if need be you can exchange it for another if you get it wrong the first time.

A $120 pillow that you use five years is an investment in good sleep and health a $50 pillow that sends you to the Dr. or Chiropractor or makes you miss one day of work in 5 years is a bad investment.

Get your pillow right and your sleep patterns will improve and your life and health will be better.

Come and see us for a FREE no-obligation pillow fitting and make a great investment in your health.

By: David Keam
President of Best Sleep Centre Inc. - Selling sleep for 25 years

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