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Origin and Benefits of Murphy Beds, Wall Beds or Pull-Down Beds

by Best Sleep Centre

Murphy Beds or Wall Beds, are making a huge come back these days. Little homes, home office, kids moving out and back in, or relatives visiting for the weekend. The dual use room is here to stay. Murphy Beds is the original moniker for wall beds. Today’s Murphy beds or Wall beds feature a few more enhancements as you can see when you click the link below.

If you want to see some of the versions we carry of these types of beds click here!

A Brief History of Murphy Beds

The Murphy bed, yes William Lawrence Murphy’s very own creation was been born out of necessity in the 19th century.

A bed that folds flat into a cabinet, against a wall was designed to honor a prime rule that prevented any self-respecting woman from being in a man’s bedroom. Back then, these types of beds were already on the market, Thomas Jefferson and Leonard Bailey who received his patent for a bed that folds in 1899.

Murphy’s invention, however, was more of a way of wooing an opera singer against the then regulations. His bed was different from the previous ones in that it included an old closet doorjamb and a door hinge and had a pivot for that it is attached to a wall for easy folding and storage. Funny enough, Murphy later married his lover, thanks to this bed, in 1900 and secured a patent for this “Murphy In-A-Dor Bed” in 1911.

The design of these Murphy Beds (Pull-Down Beds) is quite intriguing. First, they have no box springs, and the mattress lies on a wooden platform secured by a strap when the bed is in its upright position. Depending on the choice of wood used in its construction, lifting it up and folding it can be light and almost effortless. But overall, this type of bed is impressive given that it has been in existence for over a century.  Today, this choice of bed is an embodiment of being space and time-conscious.

Wall Beds are most often chosen by those residing in smaller spaces and or those seeking multifunctional rooms.

Murphy Beds (wall beds) have a couple of benefits, including the fact that they:

  • Are famous for saving room space.
  • Are versatile and multi-functional, including having the options of coming complete with a study or computer desk or even a kitchen table.
  • Extra interior beauty, décor, and style of your home owing to the different finishes, colors, and hardware available.

If you have guests, a Pull-Down Bed (Murphy style bed) can be an ideal choice since it will only be pulled down when they are visiting and away when its time to work in your dual use space.

When all’s said and done, you can have a wall bed an Murphy bed or a cabinet bed or sleep chest that is stylish, comfortable and offers a great night’s sleep with an obvious space-saving design. If you are ready to investigate wall beds, Murphy bed or  Sleep Chests come and see the sleep experts at Best Sleep Centre today.

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