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Purchasing an Electric Adjustable Lifestyle Bed is a Great Decision

by Best Sleep Centre

By: David Keam

President of Best Sleep

Sleep better, feel better, live better.

If you are looking for the best in sleep comfort, an Electric Adjustable Lifestyle Bed from Best Sleep Centre with its variety of adaptable positions might just be the key to your best night’s sleep.

Sleep is something we all need and something we could all use more of. With our busy lives and constant demands a great night’s sleep is something ppl are realizing; you can pay for.

I know that consistent sleep is something that is easier said than done, with aging comes obstacles such as pain, and restlessness often getting in the way of the quality of our sleep.

With so many different gimmicks as sleep solutions out there, maybe a trusted friend; one in your own neighbourhood, whose been around for 35 years is right for you.

Your mattress and bed bases are guaranteed to impact the quality of your precious sleep. Both the quantity and quality of your sleep are affected if your bed base and mattress are not right for your body type, weight and the position in which you sleep. As a result, adjustable bed bases are fast becoming the go-to option for many people wanting to improve their sleep.

So, what exactly is an Adjustable Bed and Why is it good for you?

I am glad you asked. Adjustable Beds are exactly that: adjustable. They move into different positions. While a regular bed base consists of a mattress on a flat, non-moving frame, an adjustable bed features parts that can be lifted or lowered independently of each other for optimal ergonomic positioning. For example, if you wish to elevate your legs to alleviate lower back pain, the lower section of the bed base can be raised as needed, or if you wish to sit up more to read a book or watch TV or elevate respiratory or digestive issues , you could choose to raise the top/ head section of the bed leaving the rest of your body flat.

Adjustable beds were first introduced in the early 20th century for use in hospitals. They were used to enhance oxygen, promote blood flow and increase patient. Today, adjustable beds are found in homes around the world and are far more comfortable then their hospital bed cousins.  The health and comfort effects are well-know and enjoyed by millions.

 Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

An immediate benefit of an Adjustable Bed is its ability to adapt personally to how you sleep. Mattresses and bases that are tailored to your needs will give you the best opportunity of a wonderful, healthy night’s sleep. And yes, everyone has their own unique way of sleeping and favorite positions for comfort.

Benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed:

  • Reduce back pain. One of the most appreciated health benefits of adjustable beds is reducing lower back and neck pain.
  • Breathe better. It has been shown that sleeping on an adjustable bed can reduce sleep apnea and snoring!
  • Enjoy adaptable comfort tailored to your optimum sleep position.
  • Increase your independence.
  • Reduces digestive issues and heartburn.
  • Reduces morning headaches.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Zero Gravity sleep position; Resting in Zero Gravity provides numerous medical benefits such as improved heart health, better sleep, swelling reduction, etc.

Watch my Video on Lifestyle Adjustable Beds from Best Sleep.

Make sure you pair your adjustable frame with a quality adjustable mattress. Mattresses and foundations not built for adjustable beds should not be used on an adjustable bed frame. Talk to one of our Comfort Specialists to find the right combination or you.

Shop at Best Sleep Centre for the lowest prices in Canada for Lifestyle Adjustable Beds.

Stop by our showroom at 953 St. James Street or Shop Online to view our huge inventory of Adjustable Beds and Award-Winning Mattresses.

Best Sleep Centre has been in business since 1992 and has a 4.6-star Google rating (276+ reviews) and a+ BBB rating.

Best Sleep proudly supplies quality Award-Winning Mattresses from Restonic.