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What's About a Bed in a Box Like Casper the Friendly Boxed Mattress?

So, it sounds so easy and let's face it; easy is what you want for your lives these days is it not. So, let's discuss Beds in a Box like Casper the Friendly mattress.

If you read the blogs and reviews, you will repeatedly see that bed in a box buyers, like Casper buyers say it's too hard.

In the mattress business, a hard bed is easy to make and therefore much less expensive than medium which is far more comfortable for most people.

Did you know that over 25 percent of everything in the furniture and mattress category purchased on the web gets sent back?

I'm sure you know that if you buy a bed in a box, such as a Casper and you don't like it; you too can send it back, no charge, no cost to you!

What can be wrong or disadvantaged to you about that?

Let me tell you ;) 

1)  You must wait for them to pick it up on the day you want to return it. This is inconvenient and that's the whole point of this is to make life less uncomfortable.

2) Well now you are without a mattress, and now you must come and see me, and now you need it delivered today, or you need to have two mattresses in the home at a time while you wait for the pickup.

3) You are overpaying for bed in a box mattresses in the first place because the quality of the components needs to decrease as the amount of advertising and service increases to maintain the business model.

4 The worst thing about purchasing a bed in a box "buy over the internet" model is that the people who keep on such items as the Casper or the Endy or the Bloom or any of these mattresses are paying much more for their mattress so that others can send theirs back. So, if you keep it, you get a mattress that costs much more then if you bought a much higher quality foam mattress from me. The people who keep the product are the ones who generally lose in this deal.

Let's look at this scenario.

I'm building a new store, its 10 feet wide by 8 feet wide and its got one mattress in it. You walk in I say; give me your credit card, and I'll deliver it. You can't touch it you can't lay on it, and you can't even see it, it's in a box.

You would walk out: but if I tell you that same story and give you the same service on the web many gladly buy it.

So here is my point.

If you keep the bed in the box mattress like the friendly Casper mattress, its way more money then it should be for the quality and longevity you receive, and if you send it back, it's very inconvenient. 

Lose, Lose.

The better alternative is to read my blog, give Best Sleep Centre an hour of your life once every 8 to 14 years.

Get what you need, and then only 1 in 300 get sent back and exchanged.

Then, if you need to swap your mattress, you can with proper service in and out at the same time.

You win as you are not paying for all the mattresses that were sent back by people selling homes or having grandma or uncle visit and they needed a mattress for a few days....and that does happen ;)

Looking for a great alternative to bed in a box mattresses like the Casper?

Look at this mattress or this mattress better yet come down and lay on both of them and more ;)

David Keam,
Best Sleep Centre Inc.