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Spend Your Bitcoin At Best Sleep

by David Keam

Why does Bitcoin make so much sense and barter none or little at best? Why does Best Sleep take Bitcoin and ship its products anywhere in Canada or the US?

Companies are always trying to get me to trade my products in their barter systems. The reasons I won't are simple. I can't pay any bills with barter I can only trade my hard goods primarily for services with people I don't know or for restaurant food. Simply put I cannot convert barter to cash and cannot pay my mortgage with it.

With Bitcoin; I can convert to cash or at this point buy just about anything I need with it. Many are still asking what is Bitcoin?

Think of Bitcoin as a currency created by the computing public. Currencies are created by governments based on the trust of the public with their government and traded internationally if that trust crosses borders.

How many of you would sell what you make or do for Iranian or Syrian currency. It is unlikely that anyone TRUSTS those governments to fulfill any obligations associated with that trust. We would all take USD or Mexican peso or many other Western currencies. There are different levels of trust there but you would take most western currencies because you can convert them to Canadian currency and pay your light bill. Same with Bitcoin except that the trust element is not with a government it is with the rest of society.

Now there have been some really huge breaks in that trust as the concept got started but barter has been around forever and has never gotten to where Bitcoin is today. Bitcoin basically is my trusting you to take a currency you and I created together outside of any government central bank. Bitcoin is a huge opportunity for society to create new wealth for itself. The US government spent the last 2 or more years pumping 85 billion a month into the economy of newly printed debt just because they could and wanted to. The trust people and banks have with the US government was not broken because there is no one else more trustworthy. Now there is yourself and myself.

Barter does not work. Bitcoin is the future. Best Sleep Centre will accept your Bitcoin on our Shopify website for any of our products and ship anywhere in Canada and the US. Use Bitcoin and shop at Best Sleep Centre. You'll Find Us.

David Keam
Best Sleep

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