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Tempagel Vs. The Competition

by David Keam

Restonic has always (in my opinion and from awards won) built the best mattress. Primarily because Restonic includes the most components for your dollar spent. All else being equal, when you pay a dollar with Restonic you get more quality foams in comparison to other brands. If the competing brand were using the same quality of foams, Restonic would always give you more of it for every dollar spent. Do your research; you will find that Restonic offers better grades and weights of foams for the same or less money.

To begin with, in a comparison of TempaGel vs. national competitors, Restonic's base foams are often higher density and therefore higher quality. Secondly, only Restonic puts the gel foam right at the top of the mattress in all of its TempaGel Models.  iComfort, for instance, puts their gel foam under a layer of another type of non-gel foam in many of its models. In my opinion, this diminishes the cooling properties of the gel.

Thirdly, Restonic uses swirled gel, and many of the other national competitors use beaded gel. Restonic's gel is swirled like the flavouring of ice cream into the accompanying foam, making it more stable. The other national competitors' gel is like a crunchy bit that’s suspended within the " ice cream" foam. It's a separate structure, and many deduce that it's an inferior component compared to swirl gel. Restonic uses “Outlast” as the cover for your new TempaGel Mattress. Outlast is one of the highest priced and one of the best temperature regulating fabrics you can put on a mattress. It's in, or on, many high-end sports equipment products. Restonic gives you Outlast on all our TempaGel models.

When you are shopping, if you want to test the national competitors Gel, merely rub the sample you may find in the store, this motion simulates you moving in your bed. I have noticed the beads of the national competitor's Gel come off in your hand.

Most importantly, make every manufacturer give you a spec sheet and make sure you analyze it. We’re confident you will find that Restonic always gives you more of each type of product for less money. The mattress industry is scared to death you will start to buy mattresses the same way you buy almost everything else, by looking at the components. A bed with two inches of Talalay Latex in it is different from one with only one inch of the of Talalay, or other Latex contained in it. That seems obvious, but when YOU shop for a DEAL and not by how the mattress is made, the phrase " this mattress is similar " used by the smiling salesperson, has no meaning. In our competitor’s mind, similar is good enough when you are shopping for a deal. So, when similar is undefined, similar is what you will get, and similar will cost you more money. Don't shop for similar, shop for the same and what Restonic will give you . . . More for your money. Every day of the week.

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