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The EDNY Stories

by David Keam

I can’t tell you...ok I will attempt to tell you, just how many of these mattresses I have had to replace.

The other day, a nice young couple comes into my store from Beausejour and they own a 5-year old Endy mattress.

He loved it for about the first two years, she always had reservations and wanted to send it back, but Endy convinced them to take the ”free” topper option instead or returning it!

The mattress was too soft and a topper does not make a mattress firmer - ever; but that’s the option they were harassed into accepting. Their words, not mine.

“They just would not let us return it”.

Two years after buying, they hated it and 5 years after delivery they saved enough money to replace it. What can I say: over and over and over again I hear the same story from customers; 'It was so nice when I bought it'.

When you pay $895 for a queen mattress on the internet, you are getting a $300 mattress with $350 of advertising built into the cost, another $100 built in for delivery and finally a $145 built in for all the people who do decide to return it within the trial period - they are the lucky ones!

The problem is twofold. Words like Firm, Soft or Medium have no meaning. To you and I, the same thing is too hard and/or too soft. So, they offer you the firm or the soft and you pick either site unseen. That’s not how a mattress should be purchased. Anyway, every week a young person or a young couple comes in and wants to replace the mattress they bought sight unseen on the internet because its no longer supportive like it was when they bought it. If I had a store that was 10x10 in size and you came in and I said give me your credit card and leave I’ll send you your next meal, you would say no way! This is the exact same approach but with dancing girls and unicorns and the majority of the cost of your product spent on advertising and transportation and return fees of other customers.

Spare yourself the hassle of no service. We offer 120-day exchange policy and which saves you years of problems and turmoil. There are many people who buy things because mom is coming to visit and when she leaves they send it back. They can’t do that with us so they do it with the sight unseen internet mattress companies.

So, who pays for that?  The customer who keeps the mattress pays for that. We assume you need a mattress and if you pick wrong, we give you all your money on the mattress back as credit and you re-pick.

Protects us and you from the many people who want mom to sleep on the best when she is here and sends it back when she goes home.

It happens every day and I hope you get the idea. Picking a mattress site unseen with the trouble free option of returning it is a real problem.

Service from Best Sleep Centre will save you allot of real money and have you sleeping way better than an internet bed.

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