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Possibly the Best Pillow Ever

by David Keam

Greetings, as the President of Best Sleep and Amish Gallery, for years, I've been crafting pillows for countless individuals of all sizes and shapes. An example is our famous "Hal Anderson 1" and "Hal Anderson 2," pillows. Know known as the "Big Boy Pillow," tailored for those individuals, whether a man or woman requiring a larger, sturdier pillow.

Following these, we've introduced progressively smaller/ lighter pillow options. It's akin to the cobbler's predicament, where everyone else has well-made shoes except the cobbler himself, too preoccupied to mend his own. Similarly, despite my efforts, I struggled to find a pillow that suited 'my personal' preferences/ specifications.


Recently, I stumbled upon the SofiSleep pillow from one of my pillow suppliers. Unlike feather pillows that lose shape and firmness quickly, SofiSleep features gel-filled tubes. Initially skeptical, I was intrigued by its adjustable design. By unzipping the pillow and removing excess filling, one can customize its loftiness. I felt compelled to share this discovery after a concerning incident with my grandson, who, after sleeping on an adult-sized pillow, woke up with neck discomfort. Recognizing the potential of this pillow to alleviate such issues, I resolved to ensure he receives one promptly.

The beauty of SofiSleep lies in its longevity and adaptability. Its resilient gel tubes provide consistent support, unlike traditional feather pillows. By adjusting the filling, the pillow can accompany a child through various stages of growth, offering optimal comfort at every age. This remarkable pillow has become my constant companion, accompanying me wherever I travel.

For those interested, SofiSleep is available at Best Sleep, located at 953 St. James Street in Winnipeg, or can be purchased online with convenient shipping options. Discover the difference with SofiSleep – a pillow that evolves with you.

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