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SUB-0° Latex Pillow

SUB-0° Latex Pillow

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SUB-0° Latex Pillow

Experience the quick responsive support and cool sleep surface of the SUB-0° Latex Pillow by PureCare, our vented, natural Talalay latex pillow; the ultimate in pressure relief and cooling comfort.

Includes FRÍO® rapid chill cooling cover which provides a physical barrier that resists Bed Bugs, Allergens and Dust Mites.

Latex rubber makes arguably the longest lasting most consistent pillow you can buy. It's not uncommon to get 10 years of use from one of these and they remain buoyant and don't compress. The Purecare Sub-0 Latex Pillow is just right if you're looking for a latex pillow with a plush feel and a medium loft. This pillow provides a good balance of comfort and support while the naturally cool airflow of the ventilated latex core means you don't flip the pillow all night long. This pillow is 5" thick and has a medium-plush feel.

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