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We Sell Custom Mattresses & Furniture

by Best Sleep Centre

We sell custom mattresses and furniture in sizes to suit your needs. We do Custom sized Mattresses. We do custom sized furniture. California King, Alaska King. European sizes, Texas King, Florida King, RV King, Queen Short. Narrow King Short, Round Beds. We do any size bed you want. We build the furniture for it to go in your room. It always amazes me how after 30 years of saying these things aloud; we still have not gotten the word out there. So, we try again with a proper blog, and some google ads. ANY size furniture, built by the Amish designed to last FOREVER; if that is what you need, we can do it for you.

Any size mattress you need. Some are the same price as any other mattress in your home  plus $100 and If you need it and your wallet does not say no, we can build that 108/80 inch Texas king with adjustable beds underneath it. If you want a solid maple or oak or Hickory bed to go around it; we do that too.

Amish Gallery and Best Sleep are associated with the best builders of both mattresses and furniture in the world. Not hyperbole but the truth. If you want something no one else has or is willing and/or able to provide to you, come here. Best Sleep and Amish Gallery of Manitoba can do it for you. It might not be inexpensive, but it will last forever and be allot of fun and your chiropractor’s wife won’t get a new Beamer every time you get into the Motorhome .

See us for ALL your indoor or outdoor needs.

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